I Did It For Daddy

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This short, inspirational story came to me so easily one day and it took me less then a half an hour to write it. It turned out a very nice, well-written short story that has brought tears to eyes of those I've read it to. I hope everyone who reads it on here also enjoys it as much as myself, and others have! Thank- you.

I Did It For Daddy

I woke up from a long night's sleep and stretched my arms and legs. I let out a big yawn. I slowly pulled myself out of my Cinderella decorated bed and walked to the window. As I opened the curtains, I got a big hello from the morning sunshine. I shook my head so I could see clearly again after the sudden blinding of the light. I thought to myself," This would be a good day for a lemonade sale!"
After the whole week of dreary, cold weather, I figured that would be a perfect idea. After all my mama always says I'm very creative for just being seven years old. She also says I bring sunshine in the house since daddy died.
My daddy was a really good guy. I was his little angel; and now he's mine. My daddy fought cancer for three years before it actually took him. While he was in the hospital that last day, he told me that when he passes, all I have to do is touch my heart and he is right there. He also told me to help out mama with things.
I touched my heart this morning and had this idea. I'd have mama make a pitcher of her famous lemonade, while I draw out the signs that say," $1.00" for each cup of lemonade. Then I set up my stand that daddy made for me when I was just four, and sit in the hot sun and wait for people to buy a cup to drink.
On this day, there was a parade downtown, so there was lots of people walking by. In a whole hour, I sold fifty cups of lemonade and made a whole fifty dollars! I only sat there selling cups for another hour because it was really hot outside. But at the end of my big day, I walked with my head held high up to the house and screamed for mama. She came outside on the porch and asked," What's wrong honey?" And I reached up with my hand and replied," Here's the money I got from the lemonade sell!" She counted it and started crying and whispered," Two-hundred and fifty dollars."
She told me thank-you and gave me a big hug. She then asked the question I waited for," What made you decide to sell lemonade today? And did you know it was the parade today?" I answered back with a smile," Daddy told me to sell it today, that today was a good day to sell lemonade. And I did it for daddy. And no mama, I didn't know the parade was today!" She grabbed me in her arms and we cried together.


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I've been writing poetry since I was younger. My poems focus on my views of our world now and when writing the poem at the time and also personal experiences in my life. I hope to touch lives!

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author avatar Denise Salmon
9th Oct 2013 (#)

I enjoyed reading your story

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
10th Oct 2013 (#)

What a lovely story .
Bless you Sherrie.
Stella ><

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author avatar Retired
21st Oct 2013 (#)

it did bring tears to my eyes!

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author avatar sherriebenedict1982
9th Nov 2013 (#)

Thank you for your comments :) I'm glad you all enjoyed it. I'm working on more that I hope to have on here soon also.

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