I Found A Better Way

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A poem of hope and promise. An inspirational look at loss and how to move on from tragedy.

I Found A Better Way

I found a better way
all I have to do is forgive
They did me wrong but I forgave them all
They can’t bother me because now its my call
I use to get so mad at the people who did me wrong
When I was a child and growing up but I got strong
I realized that no one had the right to bring me down
If I didn’t let them !
So I made myself a promise
not to ever let anyone have control over me
By causing me any heart ache or pain
I won’t let that happen again
I refuse to let others shove me around
I don’t listen to any negative talk or things that get me down
But I wonder Why people judge so much these days
When everyone is supposed to be equal they say
I hold my head up to the mirror now that I see things in a different way
I like what I see
My thoughts get lost sometimes but I still like me
I’m sure other people know how it feels to be hurt
I also know that hurt people hurt other people
we all have to learn To find a way to forgive
In order to do the best that we can in how we live
living in this day and time
we really need to think about what’s on our mind
gather your thoughts, don’t let the bad guys win
Take charge of your life and the body your in
I know that I’m not alone
in the way I think and feel
and it’s a struggle to get over the pain
That once was real
so above everything else
It feels good to forgive and I’m proud of myself
Now life is a lot easier to live
“Because I have found a better way”
I have learned to forgive

Author: Ramona J. Saunders


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I am a mother of several adopted and foster children and a grandmother to many grandchildren. In my writing you will find my inner thoughts, feelings, and opinions on life.

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