I Have Found That I Love You

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I woke up one night from the deep of sleep, grabbed my notebook and this is what I wrote.


It was late at night when it first struck me. Awakened me from a deep sleep as if cold water had been splashed on my face. A feeling unbeknownst to me. I sat up straight in bed. The dark washing over me like a blanket, sweat beading on my chest and slowly trailing down into my cleavage. My heart beat hard and fast, felt like it would burst free of my rib cage and fly away. I sat there, motionless, quiet, pondering everything. So many thoughts that ran through my head, but it could not compare to the emotion, the feeling that was washing over me, coming in waves over and over. Causing me to breathe heavily and shake uncontrollably. There was a moment of fear that hit me as reality and realization sunk in. Could it be? Is it possible? I placed my hand to my forehead, brushed my hair out of my eyes. Noticed the trembling in my fingers. I held my hands in front of me, as my eyes adjusted to the light I focused on the shivering. Again the questions repeated and I whispered them softly. Could it be? Is it possible? I threw the covers off and raised my knees to my chest. Stared at the scars, silver lines, almost white in the dark. Suddenly they didn't seem as ugly as before. They seemed almost to fade. As I ran my finger over one I noticed the shaking stop. My body, my mind, my heart suddenly stilled. Warmth replaced the chill in my bones and a moment of clarity hit. Yes. Yes. The answer repeated over and over in my head. I felt the words slip out of my throat, caress my lips as I whispered it softly. Yes. I cried. Not much. A single tear that silently formed, and as I blinked the flutter of my eyelash released its restraints and it freely ran down my cheek. And as I tasted the saltiness, as it gently came to rest upon my tongue I was no longer afraid. As the tear that had broken free so had I. Old restraints that held me back had been released, I had broken free. It was late at night when it first struck me. Awakened me from a deep sleep. The night I felt the passion return, the fire grow and life begin to course through my veins again. The night that in the dark I realized you were it. You were and are my love. I am yours.


Love, Love And Soul

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I write and have published poetry and was editor of the school newspaper all through highschool. I can write a variety of different genres from articles to novels

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
20th Mar 2014 (#)

Interesting post!

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