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In this fast-paced society, our minds are constantly bombarded with unanswered questions, and our hearts are plagued with a myriad of demanding emotions. It makes us weary, and we all seek to find solutions and ways to rid ourselves of the '"white noise" in our lives. Read on to find out the simplest and the most effective way we can handle the overwhelming part of our lives, and regain serenity and eternal peace.

The Question

How many of you have ever wondered if you’re making the right decisions especially about the critically important areas in our lives? Do you second guess yourself, or over-analyze your actions and the actions of others, question your choices? And worst of all do you constantly seek validation from others, other peers or outside sources?

Our psyche is hard-wired for approval, and often we find it extremely difficult to strike a balance in our lives where we may occasionally ask for an opinion, or perhaps discuss something with a trusted friend just to sound it out or because we need an objective input without becoming dependent on their responses. Once we have released this important situation, question, or problem into the atmosphere for discussion…it is automatically and forever altered. It only takes a moment.

But if we lose that balance and we get into a situation where we can develop an unhealthy neediness for constant approval from others, then we create a new wrinkle in our lives. When this happens, there is a tendency to become reliant on what others have to say and what they make think about us, and our own sense of self-worth and our own feelings of capability get compromised.

The Answer

So how can we recognize if we could be on the road to becoming too dependent on the musings of our friends, co-workers, or family? I believe we may be heading that way when it becomes difficult for us to make a decision, and here is some evidential signs we should pay attention to.
1. Over thinking a decision to the point of becoming obsessive. Not being able to arrive at a decision using reasonable and timely decision-making processes.
2. Asking everyone else for their opinion. Not trusting our own abilities enough to be confident.
3. Revisiting a situation multiple times. Too many “look backs” that can cause uncertainty.
4. Having an attitude of “worrisome defeat”. Not being satisfied with our own capabilities; thinking someone else is always more knowledgeable than we are.

Now, these are strictly my thoughts and views on this subject based on one of the best sources on the planet; life experience. They are not clinical and are not meant to be diagnostic in any way, just an informative and creative way of approach. I want you to know what has worked for me and what will work for you. But, what I have said about the Bible does hold true with many supportive facts to substantiate it. Try it for yourself and see!

The Follow-up

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could simply tap the screen on our Smartphone’s? Choose a cutesy little icon that would open up an application that would give us all the answers we need whenever we needed them? Well my friends, there is an app readily available for us and it does have answers for all of our problems, and the absolute best counsel and direction we could ever need or want and it’s called “The Holy Bible”.

It is available for our Smartphone, for our i Pad and it is available in audio format and the convenience of always being able to access it is wonderful. We have God’s instructions for our daily lives at our fingertips. It’s that easy. Look for it in the marketplace on your phone and any bookstore can sell you the Bible on tape.

Carry them with you and listen to them often. Whenever you may have a major decision to make, questions about anything at all, uncertainty in a life situation; you can ALWAYS depend on the word of God to provide us with an answer, with understanding and with a way out.


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12th Jul 2013 (#)

And search for the address on the envelope. To whom is the message addressed to.
Try Ephesians and Colossians.

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