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Finding you own niche in the Writing World with a square peg and round whole.

Writer's Depression

I think if you have ever considered yourself a writer then you have had writer's depression. It comes on each person for various reasons and some writers are plagued with it. I am experiencing Writer's Depression.
I have inundated my self with the world of different writing venues. Advice from all kinds of sites, paid for memberships that were just commercials for their writer's materials, and have been given the advices of several leading people in the writing field.
The only two pieces of information I deemed worthy of real attention is write everyday! And don't write more for someone who is paying less.
So I have delved deep into this writing career of mine that started with a completed book that needed. to be published. Then they side tracked me from my purpose of getting the book published into become a well known writer. Their advice was to get anything published! Get a couple published for free, then go to sites that pay $5 dollars for a piece of your work, then oh yeah here is a site that pays $10 dollars but it's a genre different from what you are familiar with. Just write anything? What happened to the advice of Author's who said write what you know and you'll never go wrong?
So for the last month I have looked at sites searched the internet familiarizing my self with loads of terminology...What is SEO? What is Steampunk? How to promote yourself.There was so much information it overwhelmed me and I got depressed. I have been depressed all weekend.
I HAVE A BOOK! A GREAT BOOK! So how did i get sideswiped and start looking at writing as something unattainable? The words, "Professional Writer". But that's not my dream! My dream is to publish the book that I wrote and hope that the words, circumstances, events and outcomes, will help another human being. That's why I got depressed.I wasn't being true to the mission I was on.

Finding A Publisher

I have some great sources of information out there and one of them provides different publishers and what they are looking for and how to contact them. So far I have found ONE Publisher where my book genre is accepted. His submission guidelines for the most part are very simple This publisher would actually probably be one of the best bets for me, but for one thing. My book is a COMPLETED book with everything that a book needs to be successful. EXCEPT they don't accept books with less than 45,000 words. Matter of fact don't even send it in the will reject it off the word count Alone. My COMPLETED book has 37,445 words. It's complete. It says everything it has to say and it is neatly tied up at the end. So now i have to find almost 8,000 more words for my book. The thing is, this book is non-fiction. You can't add just anything to it.because It has to be part of the non-Fiction story. Otherwise it's fiction.

Infusing 7,555 Words Into A Completed Book

Yes 7,555 is how many more words this book needs for THIS publisher. So I have to ask myself is this the right publisher for the book? So far what I have learned is they will take an Authors work and make them have revisions and changes and that will be extremely hard to do with a work of non-fiction.
So I haven't made the decision , To add to the book or find a different publisher. I had thoughts for a 2nd book and that's my only saving grace in all of this. I could write the second book and put them together. The publisher wants a minimum of 45,000 words with the 2nd book mixed in I would have closer to 70,000 words.

The 2nd Book Is Already Within Me

i wrote the first book last year from around Valentines Day till about the end of April. It flowed onto the screen. The typed words just came out of me. The book was already written in my head all I had to do was type it out and edit and now I will have to put it in the format the publisher wants.But the second book is finished in my head but not ready to be written. I think only a true writer knows what I mean with this. The book is finished has a beginning middle ending all tied up in a nice little package just as the first book was but, my heart doesn't feel it's time for those words to be read.

Waiting For The Due Date

So now I am waiting for the due date of my next book. Like a human being it can be completely ready to be born but Almighty God says wait it isn't this child's time. So I'm waiting on the due date. And while I'm waiting I will be checking out different publishers. Mostly because I feel when one work is completed it should have it's time in the Limelight.
So this is why I am depressed. I have this decision to make. About something I was so well entrenched in the creating of its beginning and end, that now as the creator I have to look at my work and judge it because it doesn't have the right amount of words. How can they say that if they never read the book? The complete plot, theme, direction and beginning and end are there!


When an animal gets startled most experts will tell you they will get the instinct to run or fight, but sometimes when extremely overwhelmed the animal will "freeze". This is how a deer hunter actually gets the deer. The deer hears a noise raises its head, sniffs and , freezes right before the instinct of flight,
I am kind of like a dear when I get extremely "overwhelmed" but instead of that freeze seconds before flight, well, I just "totally freeze". Maybe that's what is happening now. I am overwhelmed with the thought of adding the second book. And I have frozen.

I Just Cannot Write The Second Book

This is my real decision. For Now. I will continue to look for a publisher. And I will eventually find that publisher or write the 2nd book. This story is about me about my life about how I became Deborah Judges. It's not fiction. I can't (won't) make up things because the book is about the TRUTH of my life.
The book will be published because I'm an Author, not a copywriter, not a freelance writer, not a columnist, I am an Author, I write books. So maybe I will just put this whole project on the back burner and write a totally different book! Maybe even switch genres and write a children's book.

Just Don't Forget

Deborah Judges is a strong, capable woman. And I'm not going to disappear. I'm going to do what the Great Author's in my day said to do! Write what you know about. Please don't confuse that with writing what you think about. I'm no Philosopher!
I know one thing I have to go back to college to get more of an edge to the business part of the Writing Industry.. So I'm going now to fill out student aid loan forms...


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