I Met My Guide From Pleiades

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On the 8th Dec 2010 suddenly i got lay off , then suddenly i get in touch with all though informations about 2012 (about the TRUTH)

Conversation With My Guide During My Awakening on 17 Jan 2011

From Divine Change Maker to W.B.
Sent Jan 17 2011

Hi W.B., i am glad to know you and I m wondering are you the one who call himself SaLuSa on youtube spreading the messages?? since you are using the same photo. I am at the moment still have the feeling that i m already in another dimension or i am in a dream because start from the beginning of Dec 2010 i m doing all the research and investigation on this subject - the new age of enlightenment 2012, the more i found the more i think is fascinated, everything happen in the movies come to alive. and i also felt that right from i was born i had already urged by some unknown that i had to be conscious of there are something control my life and when i get older and older the message is stronger for my life has increase in frustration. 10 - 15 years ago i actually got involved in all those new age things, but at that time i haven't done any research and investigation of what exactly it is, but i had learn the aromatherapy of essential oil, crystal healing and i learned how to play my tarot card, i read a few spiritual book from Deepak Chopra and other master. when i was a kid i already believe in UFO and read news n books about it, i have read the Communion about aliens abduction and watch lots of aliens movies, at that time i read the Starseed Transmissions i found it very difficult to understand. but nowadays after i have read The Kybalion, The Secret, The Power of NOW, The Power of Love, a bit of the sun of god then it is very easy for me to understand all these and get the whole pictures, recently i read the law of one message from RA.

on the 8th Dec 2010 suddenly i got lay off , then suddenly i get in touch with all though informations about 2012 (about the TRUTH), and today i have just signed my new contract for my new job and i m thinking do i still have enough time to prepare for 2012 or do i for any chance really have my participation to be one of the helper, healer or lightworker during this enlightenment. i know i need a job mainly for paying my bills cos i don't have any money with me now and still finding someone to borrow but i have my retirement saving in the govt. account, if i have to use it i have to declare retirement. of course i love this job but it is far less purpose or fulfillment compare to the mission of who i really am.

actually i should find the answer from the divine god/goddess but i still can't get their message from my dream although last night dream it seem i ve been to their spacecraft!

please try your best to guide me if you can and wish your situation is not like mine! peace joy love light *J* Divine Change Maker

From W.B. to Divine Change Maker

Dear Divine Change Maker,

SaLuSa is not me, she is my sister who channels from the ships to peoples who put the word out.

I am Celestyne. I am pleiadean, from ancient lemuria, and incarnated here to assist.

I use the avatar, as Ashtar and I are closely bonded. But for you to understand, it is enough to say we are kin.

With regards to the changes, we are all making them, and we have to concentrate on what we want, from the highest point.

That sometimes is difficult to see standing objectivly, as we have to step back ande see what makes us happy. What does our hearts sing to? What do we choose to create?

The fact that you have these certifications in holistic therapies is good, you could start your own buisness or offer to people around you.

There is no point in doing a job you hate to pay the bills, nor is it an honourable position to be in if you are choosing to go against your hearts desire all for the sake of mammon.

Goddess/God spake that there is only one way, and that is LOVE, and we discern that best not from the ego and mind, but from the true heart centre where we feel, what is correct.

This time of ascension is not about UFO's Aliens, etc.. Its about finding your heart centre, and being united in oneness with all that is. Then and only then will you be free to live the free life in 5D.

As for my situation, i work doing a job i love in the summer time, and then in the winter I rest. I am an outdoor activity instructor, and teach climbing, kayaking, and all sorts of fun team building skills. This is bliss, but no work for it in winter time here.

I am however free, and i use my time to heal, and assist others as much as they are willing to allow me to.

Our mission here is to assist others and raise the planet to 5D, no more no less, everything else is a distraction from those who seek to control all things, the ones i refer to as the dark fyres.

I have spent much time on board spacecraft to know of what you speak also, and perhaps you will remember in time the meanings of this dreams.

Much love to you

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