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I am having a rough holidays, I have written a three part letter to convey the strife I'm presently living in... I need help, and I am not too proud to ask for it.

What I've Seen...

Dear Reader(s),

After eight years and two months, I lost my job: I worked as a union janitor at a high-rise condominium building. I've experienced lots of crazy and/or stressful sights: stumbled upon people who have died face down, on the ground, sitting in a chair with the t.v. still on, and people taken out in body bags. Haunted by the faces of the people I have lifted off the floor because of illness or just old age. And of course the times I have had to call the police or medics for people who were out of control, or I found injured on the ground by anything from suicide attempts to injuries--I have been forced to deal with other people's problems or demise. I have witnessed people lose their minds and do inexplicabe things. I've cleaned messes that would turn the average persons stomach. People have yelled, cussed, insulted, and made my life in that building uneasy.

Sure there were residents in that building that I liked and vice verse, but, it didn't matter, to them I was just a mule, a blue collar worker that was there to do a job.

I went to the Local 1 training center and completed a two year course, so I could eventually advance in the union ranks.

It wasn't meant to be, at least not in that rat race...

Rat Race...

I walked into a staff that was no more than a stick of dynamite with a short-lit fuze... Favoritism, back-biting, dishonesty, double agents, double standards, substance abuse on the job, bullying, disrespect, and major personality clashes.

I worked in a place where the right thing to do was wrong, and the wrong thing to do was dusted under the rug--well, unless of course it was me; and usually I would get in trouble for defending myself. I was told by the managers to grow a sack and deal with it after complaining about the treatment I was receiving...

You know, there is so much wrong in that staff, and I can go on and on about it, but, it really wouldn't make any difference. I was terminated. Rehashing my entire professional past is a waste of time. It doesn't matter how much the bosses sucked, or how terrible certain employees were in that disfunctional staff; I obviously did a few wrong things, and made a few dumb decisions, in order for me to lose my job.

It is the brief glimpse of the rollercoaster aspect of these eight years I want to convey to you... The relapse I had over six years ago (that lasted for almost two years), trying to cope with the stress of a crazy swing-shift and difficult staff, to the need for getting help from a professional, along with a treatment plan, using anti-depressants and others for ADHD and mood swings...

Image Source: http://www.millionaireacts.com/2446/what-is-rat-race-and-how-do-you-escape-from-it.html

Present and A Solution

Well, it has been over a month, and I have been plugging away at trying to find a way to make money, here and there, to at least pay for my rent and other necessities. I still have entrepreneurial projects I am working on, but, I probably won't make money on them for a while... I need a job, and they don't grow on trees. To tell you the truth, I don't even know where to start. Eight years was a long time. I haven't had to worry about looking for almost a decade.

Today I thought of a couple of ways to make money:

1. Ask if people are interested in my books.
2. Sell my books.

Both of those listed solutions to my temporary problem won't work if I don't introduce them to my network. I have built a very big network through social media. And today I am going to use that success to, hopefully, remedy the dilemma I find myself in.

My insurance is going to expire January 1st, and I will have no chance in converting my health benefits into a C.O.B.R.A insurance policy if I don't come up with over one-thousand dollars, in an initial co-payment. And of course there are other things I have to pay for, to stay under a roof and fed... Unemployment checks don't cover a lot.

I hope to get a few emails from you in regards to how to purchase any one of my books... I could really use the support from my network these days.

Thank you,


Contact me at: ctaretz@gmail.com to get the specifics on where to go to purchase my books.


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I lived In Chicago for ten years (moved back to Boston recently), where I started writing... 35 was when I found my new love. Writing is my existence--my everything-a tool for success & happiness.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
23rd Dec 2013 (#)

I have helped by sharing on Facebook. Indeed we all have so many struggles sometimes it can be overwhelming. All the best.

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author avatar C.T. Aretz
23rd Dec 2013 (#)

Thank you so much Mark... I appreciate and am grateful for identifying with me, and spreading the word...

Have an excellent holidays.

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