I Needed You

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God works through humans so it would make sense that some humans require others to bring some of His purposes to pass. The Light is one community. We need each other.

I Needed You

Some are farther along
Along this spirit journey
Largest reaches
Seasoned, gurneys part from them
It's hard to see it
Darkened at once
If you ain't found a candle
But they embarked before you did and may've found the answers
Shards are missing from me
I did...
Against the power spirits
And principalities, a time of instant casualties
I hit the line and sent you a message
I needed Christian guidance
When it was hectic
In connection with this fixed assignment
Left from where I was
There was nowhere to go
I huffed and puffed
Some switched against me
There was no air to blow
I showed some love, and then it bit me
At the lowest place I ever was
Someone come and get me
I can't focus
Hate had deviled love...
I checked my social media page
I guess it caused a problem
But God approved I dropped the truth
Or I'd fall just watching
What the top society say, and do
Is only products...
Of the spirit war in progress
The abode of prophets...
For some reason demons seem to want me in the system
I'm innocent
They twisting shtick to see me in a cistern
And out the blue
The vision came, I would vow to you
Forever, 'cause I'm never giving up
And I'm about the
I think about your testimonies daily
I don't know what happened
But sure the devil's trying his best to make you want my ashes
Though we ain't never met in person
And ain't talk a while
I keep the prayer up, I hope the pain has fallen down
For nothing cares much...
Deep inside
I know it though
I needed you
'Cause in your eyes, was peace, 'cause you ain't show it so
To see a human
Not a product of the devil's lies
Something in my spirit
Keep on telling me, to welcome each
So that's what I did
Even hell unleashed will pale to Jesus...
I said I needed you
And that had been completely true
But now society has twisted knowledge that's misleading you
To leave me screwed
To abolish all that Jesus grew
'Twas a high priority, the madness that I seen in view
And I can't even hear your voice
That's a scheming too
I'm trapped within the hellbounds
Jesus got me speaking to
But, honey, soon I'll be removed
Never be consumed
So many people need your inspiration
So they'd be renewed

A whole lot has changed


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Author. Story Teller. Dreamer. Prophet of YHWH. One Of Those Revolutions Will Begin With A Pen.

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author avatar JoshuaClayton
2nd Aug 2016 (#)

Yes. This poem is another great teacher...

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author avatar Oluwasgun Chidike
2nd Aug 2016 (#)

I humbly appreciate your great reviews brother! God bless you.

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