I Prayed That Snow Here!

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My family in Pennsylvania had too much snow and so I told them, I would pray the snow would come to Northern Alabama.

Let It Snow!

Now, I know my friends in the northern United States are sick of snow, as well they should be! But I lived most of my life in Central Florida, so having it snow is still magical for me. So Alabama you can blame me, because I prayed the next snow that came out of the North would come on dump a load of snow right here in Northern Alabama. I do have to mention I prayed for a lot of snow, yes, even mentioning the words SNOW STORM! Today at lunchtime I saw the news and unfortunately for me it's only supposed to snow 1 to 2 inches where I live and is going to snow more further south! (So says the cute little weatherman with the dimples)

All I want is enough snow for my daughter to be able to say in her old age, to her grandchildren, "Yes, I remember when I was 14 it snowed in Northern Alabama that year and we had enough snow to make a snowman, and have snow ball fights!".

I've lived in South Korea and I've lived in Germany and I am certainly aware that it isn't fun for everybody, so I apologize to those who don't think snow is fun! It hasn't started snowing yet and it's a little before eleven p.m. So I hope some shift in the jet stream or a bigger blast of arctic air didn't pushed it further south where we won't get any at all!

The County school system has declared tomorrow an OFFICIAL SNOW DAY! and the children are pretty happy about that. My daughter went home with her best friend so she could be snowed in with her "borrowed siblings" and I know she will have an immense amount of fun.

I'll bear the pain, so fun can reign!

My arthritis will keep me indoors because cold and wet just does NOT go together with Arthritis. It makes me hurt so much worse, but I want a SNOW DAY, for the children.We had 7 inches one year and the kids loved it! They took their "boogie boards", floats from their pools and some just grabbed cardboard and slid down a big hill right into the ditch. Now after a while it started melting the kids became ingenious, doing tricks to stay out of the ditch that was filling up with the cold water from the melting snow, The neighbor used his four wheeler to bring our children back to the house at nightfall. They were nearly frostbitten and shivering like wet kittens. But they came inside and each took a hot shower and got clean clothes on and snuggled under the blankets there was hot chocolate, popcorn and a Disney Movie. But that was just a sweet waste of time and effort, because before they could finish any of it they were fast asleep

For Those Who Are Forced To Work...

Snow and commutes are a terrible thing in the South. Most Southerners DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE IN SNOWY CONDITIONS So since I prayed the snow down here for the children when I lay my head down tonight I will pray you have a safe and wonderful day, It's best to try to think of it as a gift to the children. If you can keep it in that frame of mind it will ease the tension, well maybe a little. Be very careful coming and going there will be children running, dodging, diving (from getting hit with snowballs) and those daredevils trying to slide down everything that has some kind of slant to it!

Everyday Life

I hope it snows for sure now that I've written an article on it! Snow days are very important to children, especially the children who have never seen the snow before. Its magical. It always has been and always will be for us Southerners, I do hate to think of all the "FEET OF SNOW" that the northerners had won't be looked so harshly on that they curse it and take the magic out of it.

When I lived in Germany I lived in a very small town. The first day it snowed I ran outside to build my very first snowman, Now our Landlords lived upstairs and had large windows that overlooked the little courtyard and saw me struggling to make a snowman trying to pack the snow into ice balls.Thankfully they had a child about 9 years old and she came to SAVE THE DAY! [/b I was 23 years old, she was very kind about teaching me the right way to roll the snowman together piece by piece. We had a nice two feet high snow man gave him some accessories and somewhere in a photo album, in some box, in the storage room, at my estranged husbands home, you can find a picture when a 23 year old converted back to a kid and played in her very first snow day ever.

Everyday life happens well, simply everyday. But tomorrow is a SNOW DAY! Yes, I'm so glad the children get a snow day because they will always remember February 11, and February 12, 2014 as a day that snow came to Northern Alabama,


Its a miracle! Another snow day! The children of Northern Alabama have received their SECOND SNOW DAY in less than 4 days! There are pictures all over Facebook! It is a rare treat for the children to get to make a snowman and a have a snowball fight 2 times in one week.


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