I Want You To Romance Me

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Romance and affection is important in a relationship. To express passion, and feeling to one another can be a great thing. . Giving and receiving, we give our friendship and our physical and emotional self.

I Want You To Romace me

I am want you to romance me. Open up your heart, to open, trust, and believe in me.

I have hopes, dreams, and desires that have some sort of fire.

I have hopes that can lead the way, and dreams that can fly away,

and desires that help me, when I'm caught up in the wind.

I can lead you to mountains, and across the seas,

if you believe in me.

I can swim across the ocean; hopefully; I won't need any lotion.

I'm a object of emotion I can influence the way I'm coasting.

I can influence any disaster, and make it go away.

When I'm in your presents, I can save you're day.

I can make it rain, and take away all the pain.

I want you to romance me. I can dance away you're cares,

and you won't think about any fears.

When it comes to tears, you won't have to cry.

you won't even have to lie. I can be an open bottle,

you can pour me down like liquor.

once you do, you can tell me all you're truths,

as if you're in the booth.

I can be you're star, not far from where you are.

I hope it's not bazaar, cause I want to be here for an listening ear.

I want you to romance me. I want to be near you, to be more than just you're friend.

Laid back in position, I was hoping to get you Reminiscing about all the things you're missing

.Tell me what you want, I'm listening.

My ears are open to every vibrational token that you might have thought you've broken.

What you're giving, I'm a bring it back much harder.

You'll have to think much smarter on how to get my heart,

my mind, here back in time.

fading in out, I'm into you, no doubt.

I'm not taking all the changes,

unless you bringing on the romancing.

Are you bring on the champagne?

Do it unexpectedly. So, that it can go undetected.

make things more than just interesting for my piece of mind.

I can't wait, cause I'm not so patient with the waiting.

No faking with faces, or thundering sounds.

After romancing I want you dancing with my favorite song.

Into what we're doing at attention, more than just spoken for affection.

There will be closeness at this session.

With all this motion we are testing the

boundaries, and limits. With no breaks in between.

Hours upon hours we'd be in motion, displaying talents

that never once expressed, until the night to be undressed.


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Hi, I am from the US, and I love to write. my favorite to write are poems. subscribe to my R S S feeds, and also follow me on my page Thank you, Merry Christmas. page.This is very encouraging for me.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd Dec 2014 (#)

This is the way to live if the emotions are sincere too - siva

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author avatar colouringstars♥
23rd Dec 2014 (#)

@ Sivaramakrishnan A
yes, :) thank you for reading

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
23rd Dec 2014 (#)

Wonderful post!

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author avatar colouringstars♥
24th Dec 2014 (#)

Thank you Fern Mc Costigan
happy you like it.

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author avatar viewgreen
24th Dec 2014 (#)

What a wonderful poem. Great job my friend. Thank you. :)

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author avatar colouringstars♥
24th Dec 2014 (#)

thank you viewgreen for taking the time to read my poem. happy that you liked it. ♥

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author avatar Shamarie
24th Dec 2014 (#)

I love the emotions and tone of this piece, Colouringstars! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

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author avatar colouringstars♥
25th Dec 2014 (#)

@ shamarie Thank you so much
glad you liked it.

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