I Was Lost and The Spirit Found Me

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Lost in translation of life, I struggled to survive. I lost my will to survive among the trappings of the world. I cried out and He found me.


Lost in the darkness I was so alone. In the depths of my being I groaned inside myself, unable to lift my head or arms from the dirt encrusted hole I found myself in. No one to help or hear my cry, I lay prone and unable to rise. Each second was an eternity that I lived without You. No light in my world, I craved to die and end this misery that people called life. I had chosen the wrong Path and I was less than dead, I was death.
Where had my childhood gone? Where was the desire to become a viable productive person anymore? No answer, no answer could I find. The darkness was complete, like being entombed in a night that was so black it overtook my senses and I lay as one dead.


So deep was my night yet I was conscious of something missing. But my mind had wondered into the darkest of night and I knew not how to get out.
Yet I struggled for re-emmergence into the light. Even though I had lost the desire to live. I did not want to die, yet I longed for death to swallow me up so I could no longer know and feel the emptiness within. Life wasn't fair though, for I kept on living and wanting something, possibly the meaning behind my life. Despair so thick it roiled over me and kept me a prisoner there in my night. Despair claimed my soul...

The Cry

So deep my darkness yet I struggled to give voice to my despair. i didn't think I was going to escape from this hell I was in. But deep within the recesses of my mind I gave out a whimper. A sound so small I didn't think I could possibly be heard. My throat worked wordlessly as I struggled to speak once more.
A roaring seemed to come from the depths of my being and I let forth a choked cry of such Despair that one could hear the very agony present in it. Another cry torn from my throat, only louder this time: I Don't Want to Die!
I was begging for this Life to End and A New Life to Begin.

The Spark

It seemed like an eternity that I let forth my cry of total desolation and desire for Some One to Help Me. Yet on the distant Horizon I saw what looked like a Spark of Light. I cried and groaned in my spirit all the More.
The Spark came closer, toward me as if called from the Light.
I dragged myself to my arms, half sitting, half lying there as that spark turned into a small Ray of Light. My heart beat loudly as I watched in awe as a small ray of light came toward me, steadily and surely It came.Journeying toward Me. Me. It seemed almost inconceivable that It came toward someone like me.

Ray of Light

I drew myself up into a sitting position as the spark became a Ray of Light. My heart jumped into my throat as that ray of light became a Pulsating Orb of Brightness as it came steadily onward.....to me. I thought with wonderment that it was coming to me. To Me.

It Was You

Then suddenly You were there with me.With Your Beautiful Clean White Hand you helped me to rise. With your gentle smile and tender, caring eyes You Told me Life was going to be better. No longer would I be Alone. You were with me now and You wouldn't leave me. I rejoiced in my Spirit. The Spirit of You.
You gently washed the dirt from my body and put upon my shoulders a clean Robe to wear so that the dirt of my Base Living in the World was covered by Your Pure and Innocent Blood.

Together Forever

Turning me Toward the Light From Which You Had Come, You took my hand, leading me out of that Hole of Despair. Together We Walked Onward. Back to Your Perfect Light.
I had purpose in my life now. I knew a peace that few would know or begin to know. I saw what I had been searching for. It Was God Almighty and You would lead me to Him. You would tell Him You knew me. I was no longer Alone. The Door led me to the Light Within. To Your Father. Yahweh to the Hebrews, Jehovah to His English people.


I stand on my feet now and He walks besides me. We are dedicated to Our Father, God Almighty and He watches over us as we walk through life. I have no desire now for death for Yahweh has redeemed me through the sacrifice of His True and Faith Word of God. I seek no more fulfillment for Christ Jesus has let me through the Doorway to His Father. I am truly Blessed.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
11th Jul 2013 (#)

Lovely expresses all I can say about this heart filled page...thank you...

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author avatar Delicia Powers
11th Jul 2013 (#)


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author avatar Mariah
11th Jul 2013 (#)

Such a lovely page

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author avatar Esther Thornburg
12th Jul 2013 (#)

To the words of our Maker is the true place to go.
Notice to whom parts are written to, the Nation Israel or to the nations to complete the book.to make a believer complete in Him.

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author avatar Grumpybear
12th Jul 2013 (#)

Ty. I struggled very much with this page. I wrote it very fast it seemed but it was hours finishing this. This is a symbolic page that tells lightly of my great struggle to reach Oneness with the Holy Spirit. It didn't come easy for it took me many years to be purified of human traits that God did not want in me. I even took time to draw the first two pictures as I wanted it to be as accurate as I felt as possible. :)

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author avatar Trillionaire
12th Jul 2013 (#)

Very, very, beautiful.

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