I Was Santa Clause For Three Hours

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This is the story of how I unexpectedly found myself donning a Santa Clause suit for three hours to entertain some children.

Santa calls in sick

I used to work for Northeast Security in Boston. It was the first place I'd ever worked for when I was 18 and the last place I worked for when I was 45. I had been with the company for two months working site security at the Harvard Business School for Publishing in Watertown, Massachusetts. Northeast decided that my talents were being wasted there so they moved me to the main office working in the dispatch center. It was Christmas time and this new position was for much better pay. My duties were site scheduling, filling open shifts and payroll. I had been in training for one week when one evening at four o'clock one of the company guards called in sick.

Who me?

He wasn't just any ordinary guard though. He'd been assigned to a very large company on the North Shore of Boston. His assignment was to play Santa Clause at the large outdoor Santa's Village that had been erected on the company's property. The dispatch office was in a mad scramble to replace him. When my boss couldn't find anyone to play Santa by 5 PM panic ensued. This was a very important client whom Northeast held a very lucrative contract with. All eyes were directed at me!

I am Santa Clause

Every night Santa would appear at the village and the company employees would bring their kids to sit on his lap. I'd never even considered playing Santa Clause anywhere at any time. But, it would get me out of the office for an evening and I thought it would be interesting. The office was in the basement of the building and was more like a dungeon. I couldn't even sneak outside for a smoke. So, I became Santa Clause.

I don the suit

I was bundled into a company vehicle and driven immediately to Santa's Village by one of our sergeants. I arrived by 6:30 PM. Santa was supposed to make his appearance by 7 PM. I was led into an adjoining building where I was given the habiliments of good old St. Nick. They were replete with the red suit with white fur, a red Santa hat with a white pom-pom, a big black belt, black boots and of course a magnificent white wig and beard. I quickly donned my disguise and found that it actually fit me. It was warm too which turned out in my favor as Santa's Village wasn't heated and it was a cold night. I made my appearance at the village escorted by two guards from Northeast. I was thinking, how should I handle this? I didn't want to blow it as Santa. There was already a large crowd milling about as I strode in accompanied by taped Christmas carols. I waved to everyone and threw in a few Ho Ho Ho's and some boisterous Merry Christmases. I sat down on my throne precisely at seven. This Santa wasn't going to disappoint!

Being myself

I had a helper. A female company employee was decked out as one of Santa's elves. She helped guide the kids and parents and helped me give out little bags of goodies full of candy and trinkets.
Lap time began!
The line of kids and parents was long. I decided to just be myself, nice guy that I am. As each child met me and sat in my lap I spoke to them in my normal tone of voice. I have a naturally deep voice and a pleasant chuckle. I met all types of boys and girls from infants up to teenagers. Every toy imaginable was mentioned. Some of the parents gave me some tips on the side. This Santa appeared to be a crafty old elf. I of course granted all requests.

The little girl

So there I sat for three hours. Santa had to be on his way by 10 o'clock. Many pictures were taken of the kids sitting on my lap. The company had hired a professional photographer. I even got him to take one of me alone on my throne as a personal remembrance. Two of the many who sat on my lap that night were quite memorable. The first was a very attractive young woman who insisted that she sit in my lap after her child had. She was very naughty when she did! Santa didn't mind at all! The other was a cute little girl of about eight years of age. She had only one request. With a very serious look on her face and pleading big blue eyes she told me, "Santa I don't want you to bring anything for me. All I want is for you to bring all the poor children of the world something nice for Christmas. Santa almost broke into tears! I complimented her and told her that Santa would certainly take care of her request.

No presents for you!

Santa left at 10 amid more Ho Ho Ho's and Merry Christmases. I got back to the office in Boston by 11:30. My shift ended at midnight so I just decided to leave for home then. I figured Northeast owed it to me for saving their butts.
The next day, Saturday, I got a call from my boss at home. His boss, the owner, wanted to see me in his office first thing Monday morning before I reported for my shift. I was being called on the carpet for leaving a half-hour early on Friday night. All the joy quickly went out of this Santa and I told Northeast where it could go. I never went back.
Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas and to all a good night! Except Northeast Security!

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Me on Santa's lap
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Ill Santa

Santa on his throne
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Little girl on Santa's lap

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author avatar Retired
23rd Dec 2014 (#)

Bah humbug on Northeast Security! What a wonderful story and an enlightening experience for you! You are, indeed, a nice person -- self-admitted or not -- and you brought Christmas cheer to the children, including the lady on your lap!

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author avatar Chip Greene
23rd Dec 2014 (#)

She brought me the Christmas cheer! So did the little girl but, in a much different way. NES just wanted to be a "wanna be" in my opinion. The boss knew I was a former police officer. I've run into many such over the years.

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author avatar writestuff
23rd Dec 2014 (#)

Thanks for this post. Most enjoyable and a true delight to read. Congratulation on your star.

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author avatar Legend
24th Dec 2014 (#)

Very nice and memorable, great write up!

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author avatar tafmona
24th Dec 2014 (#)

merry xmass friend, thanks for sharing

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