I am a jealous God, saith the Lord of Hosts...

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Ever wonder what it really means when he says I'm a jealous God?

I am a jealous God, saith the Lord of Hosts...

After Enoch’s transfiguration, mankind increasingly began to curse the names of The One. The Children of Cain escalated their silent war against The One as evil increased exponentially over the decades. Civilization in the fishbowl universe trampled underfoot, minimized, and vilified the brotherhood between men. The Nephilim killed thousands of the Ethnos still loyal to The One - it was politically sanctioned genocide.
The Nephilim were inherently evil from conception. Their souls came from the unrepentant brotherhood who were responsible for the two ungodly races of man. These two races, the Serpent Seed and the Nephilim were responsible for all the pervasive evil done on earth. Souls do not change during its incarnations. A maximum of three preordained incarnations existed for each soul - the flesh age, the millennium age, and the new eternity. In each age, the soul is destined to have a different body for each incarnation; this represents the Trinity of the Soul.
The Nephilim violated the second law of The One by their very existence, a hybrid sixth race illegally possessing partial knowledge of the world that was before the overthrow - when the earth was called Terra. The Evil Angels couldn't directly participate in the killings and purging due to the third law of The One. Violating The One's laws concerning the fishbowl physicality meant permanent loss of their elevated powers and rights of travel. They would be prisoners in The Great House of The One. However, the Evil Angels abetted the murders and increased malevolence by using advanced surveillance technology to identify and map all mankind.
The brotherhood abducted unsuspecting women out of their beds, implanting and fertilizing their eggs with their own sperm. Thousands returned pregnant to their homes giving birth to Nephilim. Additional thousands died as their families and husbands murdered them for their illicit pregnancies or births. The Chosen were on the brink of extinction; there were only five pure families left. Over the continuing decades, four of the genetically pure families became wholly corrupted. And the Angels residing with their wives worked tirelessly to destroy the genetic seed-line in which the promised Messiah was to come. The Evil Angels and Nephilim terrorized the world, and none could stand against them.
In The Great House of The One, in The Throne Room, almost thirteen billion numbers of life waited for their turn with heavy hearts for the Well of Souls. It was unsettling to be talking to someone and for them to disappear in mid-sentence. No one knew who would be next. Those left behind struggled to adjust to the terrifying insecurity.
The One, who is The Lord of Hosts, was troubled by what was happening on the earth. He sat on his Throne, red eyes scanning the numbers of life before him as his robe of light shined brilliantly. The Zoon sat on their haunches in front of him; he suddenly stood up as the Zoon exploded into flight. The unrepentant brotherhood in the rear violently paused; sensing some unknown something was different.
The One pulsed through the Continuum; ten thousand instantly transported into their silver crafts. Another one hundred thousand winked to The One's golden craft. He folded space, traveling without moving, and hovered in the membranes observing the suffocating evil, the stifling wickedness consuming the whole earth. It began as an attack on his Chosen but threatened to compromise all creation. The One was wroth he made the numbers of life flesh.
"My spirit will not always strive against mankind for they are my numbers of life."
He reminded himself of the ending of eternal brotherhood and peace. Yahaveh blamed pervasive evil in part to their long lifespan. Some of the sixth-day creation was over three thousand years old; long life births great evil.
Yahaveh paused as his nostrils flared wide in anger, his voices bristling with furious frustration. "Every inclination of mankind's thoughts and actions are nothing but evil continually! Haven't I been patient for ten generations?"
Lightning burst from his body filling the entire craft with dazzling light. He stood pensively as massive bellows of black smoke and thunder emulated furiously: one hundred and ten thousand cringed. The One was actually trembling with uncontrollable seething wrath. This was surely a ominous benchmark and it was dire.
"Ten generations of ever-increasing escalations of abominations and wickedness threatens my plan for reconciliation of those I love. How long will I be patient with Luciah? How long will my children be fodder and be treated like beasts? How long must I witness this madness and blood? How long will the cries of those who love me be ignored? How long will I let my enemy Luciah, bite, stalk, bare his teeth at me, and viciously deceive and murder my children? I swear on myself there will not be an eleventh generation of this perfidy that is like smoke in my nostrils.
"For Luciah has destroyed the character of my people! They are indoctrinated by the flood of lies that deliberately blur the lines between right and wrong, and between the acceptable and the unacceptable. His political correctness savagely inflicted has exacerbated spiritual sickness and unending suffering. He has established his World Order at the expense of my suffering children. His inflicting of tolerance and deviant practices has destroyed all common sense and moral fiber. Now my creation bows down to the idols and false gods that demand the unspeakable as the brotherhood cruelly enforces his blasphemy. I swear upon my own name I will destroy Luciah with a smile on my lips and great joy in my heart. I absolutely hate him!"
Michael shifted in the command chair, afraid to his soul, surrounded fully by the acrid blackness swirling violently around him. He wondered who Luciah was; he dared not ask. The One's voices continued to vibrate deeply throughout all the entourage crafts sounding like ten million angry voices of blistering fury.
"I will not blot out the flesh I have created because of the stinking corruption of the earth. Nevertheless, I am sorry I ever made any numbers of life flesh. But for my name's sake and because for the only family in all creation who followed my commandments and are as genetically perfect as Adam, there will be favor on the earth. And I will have mercy only because of his perfection and obedience."
The One looked at David and his entourages, his visage black with furious tremulous wrath. Every number of life trembled uncontrollably as The One forcefully overwhelmed the Continuum; "I am sick of this! None of this is worth it for I'm momentously tempted to destroy everything - and start over! Only because of Noah do I have mercy, don't you ever forget that!"
The One turned suddenly, sat down on his throne wiping huge tears from his eyes. Spiral lightening and gigantean sparks erupted from the blackness surrounding him, and all the numbers of life trembled anew with paralyzing terror. His face turned atomic with anger as huge explosions with thick smoke boomed with thunderous roaring and strobe bright cracklings. The thousands of crafts surrounding The One's gigantean golden craft were immersed within and without with the thundering and blackness of his wrath. The Zoon viciously threw their heads back; their eight hundred eyes turning blood red, howling deafeningly while exuding copious red smoke and hurricane winds. Every number of life on the surrounding crafts jumped startled, were blown off their feet slamming against the walls, unable to move. The golden craft shook and shuddered violently. The acrid smoke and swirling winds of his great rage filled the whole twenty million square mile interior of the fifty-mile wide craft fully, as his entourages swirled into the gale force vortexes screaming involuntarily at the top of their lungs.
Everyone was terrified; they did not know what The One would do. He destroyed the First Heaven and all their possessions; he just threatened to destroy them too. Ten thousand fainted from the unimaginable stress. Yahaveh had never been like this in all the eternities. They panicked knowing his fury was more than a civilization-destroying event, and one hundred thousand screamed to Yahshua for mercy as they whirled violently into the booming blackness.
There was no reasoning with The One now. Every conscious number of his entourage felt, tasted, and howled in the great wrath of The One. And through the absolute chaos and gloom, paralyzing fear swept through all as he forcefully grasped the reins of his golden craft. He plunged it deep into the atmosphere, through the earth, into black holes, past the unknown indefinable into the edges of the unending nothingness. All were dizzily pulled along for the hair-raising ride that reached speeds never experienced in all the eternities. The ride twisted riotously, turned, and winked strong for two more hours as the One vented his frustrations at the evil within the fishbowl universe, as all the numbers of life wailed and screamed for their very lives without abatement.
Luciah surfed the membranes above the earth. He fell rocket hard to his face. He looked around trying to ascertain what had happened, his Illuminated Elite emulated concerned puzzlement. Luciah got up clumsily, shaking profusely, and sat down on his huge throne trying to dismiss the incident. But deep inside as the flies of butter roared, he knew the answer.
And in The Great House of The One, earsplitting thunders, black smoke and lighting encompassed all twelve billion square miles. A trillion palm trees burned ferociously adding to the unbelievable chaos. The One paced aggressively back and forth in front of his massive Throne as fireworks and churning plasma vortexes surrounded him exuding unimaginable heat distorting the very fabric of space. The very atmosphere rippled and howled crazily like a raging surreal monster.
… Before Mariah entered the Throne Room, he knew The One's wrath had not dissipated one iota. Inwardly he marveled but at the same time was he was apprehensive about what he would encounter. He could clearly hear the Zoon, cracking thunders, and the explosive lightning shaking everything.
When he entered the Throne Room, Mariah fell flat to his face; he wasn't prepared for this. It was like a gigantic war zone. Emotions rushed front burner as adrenaline flooded his system - Mariah was scared. He sensed the brotherhood had fled. The One's continuing escalating wrath made them skittish and uneasy. Billions of numbers of life were prostrate to the floor like Mariah asking for mercy. The One's anger could not be assuaged by mere supplications. The twenty-four lower level thrones were fully engulfed in the midst of violently swirling plasma clouds. Mariah sensed through the massive static inundating the Continuum that Yahshua was sitting on the right hand massive Throne, calmer but concerned.
And over the next eight hours, The One's anger and wrath slowly abated as the massive bolts of lightning diminished. The whole was shell-shocked with fear. But they learned that day, though slow to anger he had an all-consuming temper, for he was sick of the evil and Luciah.
For the first time, realization dawned on all how badly the numbers of life had hurt this mighty being. As paralyzing fear was slowly replaced by guilt and sorrow, the whole began to weep bitterly. Some, who were in the midst of their sorrow, suddenly entered the Well of Souls to journey to the fishbowl universe.
The One slowly stopped pacing. The Zoon stopped howling and began to vibrate a soothing symphony. The blackness of The One's face receded as it was replaced by his natural copper complexion. His white woolly hair rocked as he nodded his head accepting the melding he stoically ignored previously. Everyone collectively sighed in relief; they would not die today.
The whole stood up at his silent command and he infused his love and grace to the billions in the Throne Room. No number would ever forget the words he seared into their minds that day; I am a jealous God!
And no one would ever forget the unbelievable unsustainable wrath witnessed. And the thoughts of the whole went to Lucifer and all were glad they were not in his sandals.
Lucifer was in the membranes with the entire brotherhood that fled in fear, to the fishbowl physicality. The brotherhood was shaken to its core at the ferocity of Yahaveh's anger. Lucifer did not allow his emotions to show. He strived to address the trepidation of his followers with good news.
"We finally have The One on the ropes because we have successfully corrupted the Chosen. We can claim victory - eternal life and freedom are ours. The One will be forced to accept us, negate the death sentences, and restore us to eternal life!" The brotherhood within the crafts cheered riotously.
"We have not imagined a vain thing or meditated on dreams without substance. We will continue to break the bonds of The One asunder. I will be like the Most High and sit on the Sides of The North. We will have our own planet, our own civilization, our own freedoms, and our federation will wax strong for a billion eternities.
“His great wrath is the outward expression of his failure to contain and defeat me, for I have taken his own precepts and used them successfully against him. The One has failed to have victory over death. He will be unable to enforce his own decree; we shall live all the eternities doing anything we want without boundaries, experiencing the true freedom that freedom is.
Luciah glowed brightly as he out stretched his arms shouting with electrifying emotions, “No one will ever tell us to get off the couch again! Let us rejoice for we have castrated The One and left him functionally impotent, as his children willingly flock to us with eyes wide open even though we slaughter them day and night..."
Luciah was in his element; he continued for several more hours.
Crafts were thick around The One's golden craft like a swarm of gnats. The thin watery firmament quivered and reflected spectacularly around the blue planet. The One took off his crown, his robe of light, and his burnished golden belt and handed them to David who relevantly took them to the rear room behind the massive Throne called the Holies of Holies.
The One transfigured himself into something less, shedding his glory. His red eyes turned brown and his white woolly hair became cropped close. His skin lost its copper hue becoming a dark shade of brown. He looked like an Ethnos. He could become whatever he wanted to be. For in his name Yahaveh was the 'I am that I am.' No man could see his real appearance and live, for flesh was unable to support the raw presence of the living God.
Michael and David transported from his craft onto the earth with him. The One never went anywhere alone. They walked within the membranes towards Noah was by the family altar burning sacrifice and sanctifying himself, and covered from head to toe with ritual dust. The One and his entourage were invisible to Noah though they were standing right next to him.
The One paused and remembered this number of life now called Noah. He remembered how he had shown exquisite fidelity and zealousness for him and shepherded Adam and Eve for hundreds of years. He remembered the great love he had displayed then. This Elect had given him his heart joyously at the marriage supper, and The One's heart swelled and almost busted with love. Even in this new incarnation, he had remained faithful when all others had disobeyed, displaying the same fidelity and love in the world that was. Yahaveh was so proud of him. He was a chosen vessel, wholly blessed - though he did not know it. Noah was incapable of conceiving the great love and respect The One possessed for him. For Noah was unable to remember that he was ever Mabou. And if he had remembered, he would not have felt so guilty for so many decades for the one mistake he made at the Mountain Nation.

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