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The story is about my depressed life in early years, it goes on to describe the impact it had on me. I was changed after i learnt that everybody is your friend if you are willing to take him for a friend. with this thought i lived and continue to do so.........

My life before and my life after ........

My life is like the calm waves , not like the bustling waves of the ocean. I am calm and a shy person. ever since i was born i was a different person, learnt to live apart, to be apart. i was always hopeful that i would be something , i would be something. I always felt that in being apart, being quiet lies the uniqueness which others didn't posses.
I was not a very open person. Others would talk and laugh and cheer and jeer and have fun and fear but ever since childhood i repressed emotions. Not for the fear of losing uniqueness but for the fear that others would laugh at my opinion, nevertheless i always remained the same, not talking, quiet ,calm and steady.
My life was always among people who had seen me, cared for me and loved me. But many protested that i was not a loving boy, why should I be ? why should I be ?
My sister was elder to me by 3 years and , And she received the love of everybody. When i was born, my grandfather was ailing, Bed-stricken. He had no power to even lift me in his arms.My grand mother was caring for him, she had no time for me.... How much I felt that? when others played, i thought. My time was spent thinking why always I? why not others?

A bright sun rises......

Hence Even though my exterior thoughts were quite bright, i am a studious boy now that i am, but my interior was always of a contrasting nature. My mind thought one thing, my heart wailed for the other. my soul said to go for south, my body was dragged to the north....
My behaviour was eccentric. I had no regrets ever for anything on my face, but my mind showed my anquish, the cry within that i am not loved and not cared for..........

Today i am alive beacuse of the love, In the past i was to die because of the LACK of love.my emotions were restricted to people who were my own, and any outside communication was (sort of) forbidden for me.
Today i am a part of the ever growing family of writers, i am a student, i am a painter ,i am a football player and i am a writer by the night.
This would not have been possible if i had not known that a stranger is a friend if you do him good will, a foe is a companion if you are caring, shyness and timidness can be overcome ,try it and be good......


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
29th Jun 2014 (#)

When we go through difficulties n early stages of life we can face them later with equanimity. Those who are mollycoddled will feel lost when they have to face the challenges later in life - siva

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