I am am I

Gabriel Szczurek By Gabriel Szczurek, 8th Apr 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This poem is a reflection of my own journey or perhaps it is in part of everyones

I am am I

Who was i
When i fell
This longing for her
In this shell

Who was i
As i was alone
You know
Thats when they cut me
To the bone

Who was i
As i wept
I heard the world laughing
As i slept
Was i the only one who seen
All these sorrows in between

So who was i
as i rose
I was someone else
So i was told

Who was i
When i saw
This wound i beheld
Was not a flaw

Who was i
As i grew strong
I looked for you here
But you were gone
I was so much stronger
Than you supposed
Yet not as strong
As i should have known

Who was i
As i climbed
All these skyscrapers
and mountain sides

Who was i
When i found
So many wonderful things
That awe and astound

Who was i
As i sood tall
I looked down and above
At it all
On the edge of infinity
Only one step away
From eternity

Who was i
In this time of need
Had you only looked once
You could have seen

Who was i
As i as i began to unfold
born from stories
that have not yet been told

Who was i
As i flew
This longing again
For me and you
You and i
We are one soul
Torn apart
So long ago



Climbing, Gabriel Szczurek, Love, Searching, Soul

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author avatar Gabriel Szczurek
I am athletic,i work in construction.I am a onion peeler and a poet who loves finding the nugget

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
8th Apr 2013 (#)

I am who I am,
The world to see.
The face of love,
Just meant to be.

I am who you call,
The Love of Life.
The Art of Smile,
Healing the strife.

I am who I am,
The Pearl in shell.
Seeing the world,
Exiting Hell.

I am Who I am,
With the Life.
Planet Earth is Blue,
Creators' Wife.

Coming back in real,
With love in heart.
Pouring the Sunrise,
World Apart.

I am the Angel,
Who governs it all.
Gabriel my friend,
Moon and Sun on call.

With no other to show,
The great rising tide.
Taking the cloud off,
To now confide.

For I am who I am,
The world of life.
I am like no other,
But the Creators' Wife.

Dressed in Blue,
Smile in heart.
Turning me around,
World apart.

Breaking Silence,
To Dance and sing.
I am the Only One,
With the Twin Wing.

For I walk alone,
But I am two.
I show the love,
And get it too.

But I am who I am,
The great Number Three.
Who has the greatest essence,
Woman of Mystery.

For I am who I am,
Hills, Valleys and Waves.
Creating the rhythm,
The notes on staves.

I am the Universe,
I am the the love.
With the Creator in song,
Way up Above.

For he is like no other,
He is everything to me.
Showing me the real life,
Just meant to be.

I am who I am,
The Power of Love.
The beautiful Magic,
Enticing the Above.

I am who I said I'll be,
The enchantress of love.
Who knows just every move,
With wings of Dove.

As no other an be me,
Its the move I make.
I just know I am,
Its give and take.

Showing the fashion,
That stole the show.
Getting them to see me,
Just asking for more.

For I am who I said I am,
The Voice of that love.
Who got them all to finally feel,
The energy from up Above.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 8th April 2013

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author avatar Gabriel Szczurek
8th Apr 2013 (#)

that was beautiful whoever you are :)

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
9th Apr 2013 (#)

fantastic Gabriel...however I delete Anisha pieces as she does it to everyone and takes up so much space...many of us have asked her Not to she is a bloody nuisance...

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