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To hell with it. You just had to do it your way!
No one did you care about
you had to have your own way.
You did not think about
all those you have at home
You left them as well
Just because you had to roam.

I hated all the sadness

Pathetic the sadness that fills my heart
You took all of the feelings
and tore them all apart
You never gave a moment
to think of what my heart felt
you took and threw it
as far as you could see
to hell with any answers
This one inside my head
you take up all my thoughts
with the memories that are dead.
A time in my life
you were my best friend
I could tell you all my secrets.
Until the very end.
Now all the times I sat and cried
for the losses in my life
I sit here and I cried again
Last night.

Promises were broken

The promises that were broken
turned into a bag of lies
left us here to remember
Fear had over whelmed me
I still sat there and friken sighed
how could I let this hurt me
How could I sit and cry
You laugh and sigh
I sit here looking in the mirror
And wonder where did life take that turn
One more tough lesson
that this life gave me to learn.

I can hear the words so clearly
no safety did you feel
I sat and cried again
it is no big deal.
do not look in the mirror
and expect to see a grin
you lied to your own heart
failed to let it mend.
The memories will forever linger
the choices have been made
The world will still keep turning
Till the day I am in my grave.


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The love for my children drives me to leave a legacy of hope and faith, a desire to attain the highest goals and never limit their chances to learn and grow.

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