I'd Still Know You

Angeles Mizilla By Angeles Mizilla, 26th May 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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A strong and vital soul, I was a butterfly. I drew so many people into a circle of trust, and was the strength for them all. Then when I fell, my heart broken, one of the few who I trusted most turned her back on me. She later said it was because How do you trust your self or anything else in life, if the one person you count on most isn't who you thought they were at all. Neither was she!

Old Wounds run deep

Some hide in confusion with anger and beer
some hide in our pain
head under a pillow, drenched in tears

The glory of a true friend

is to know just when to pick the fight
or when to walk away
call the blackness a dark night and camp down for a night
until the light comes again

The true friend

knows of sunshine on another day
knows the truth in love inside
knows the light that guides the way.

At this point,

we feel we have been betrayed by one another's trust.
But if we were to ever be truly honest,

Time has come in ourselves and in our old strength to trust

A while back I shunned you

for ever shutting me out
Resented you in my weakness for being so full of pain and doubt in me.

I thought I could be angry and hold on to that bait

But that is the true amount of bullshit.

to hold on to pain and call that hate.

It does no good to bite ones tongue

At times our words have no place.

At times we need to trudge on through, speak our peace and hope all the cards fall in the right places after the blast.

For my part in the Bullshit...

I'm sorry.
I had no right to do whatever it was I did to hurt you.

For yours...
in the end of things it was unfair to bite your tongue and shut me out of the one light I had left.

I wasn't your cross it bare, I know
but been we friends so true
friend today, Id still know you.


Betrayal, Broken Heart, Burden, Depression, Friendship, Isolated, Lonely, Lost Love, Struggle

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author avatar Angeles Mizilla
I am a single 34 year old woman. I work as a Case Aide with a Children Services agency in Ohio. I love photography, animals, reading, music, food and family. I primarily write from life experience.

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author avatar LOVERME
26th May 2013 (#)

i like your creativity
in fact i only read
virgin kind of poetry
as mine do try and relish some for fun

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author avatar Angeles Mizilla
27th May 2013 (#)

Thank you Loverme.

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