I don't want to be hurt

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A poem about two friends who lost contact with each other and a call for a reunion ......

I don't want to be hurt

This poem is dedicated to a friend

I dont want to be hurt

The bright stars are aware of it
The glowing moon knows about it
The sun has being informed
Even when it hurt to believe the truth
Still i dont want to be hurt

Music fade away
And the dance stopped
Reality approach with truth
I take it or leave it
You where gone beyond my touch and sight
Faster i go in search for your rescue
With fainted heart i yearn to recover your warmness
Where ever you are
Come again like rain
Cos i dont want to be hurt

My strength gone for your loss
Daily i fight this weight
To regain my hope for another day
My tears fight my song
Like wave in the ocean
Louder your absence echo in my quiet times
My soul sing of your departure
Deep inside of me
There is no place to hide
And sing praises anymore
Wherever you are
Come again like rain
Cos i dont want to be hurt

Like today
I remember when we met
Like yesterday
Cant believe you are gone
Sudden enough to crash the thick wall of my heart
My skin wept in my quest to find you
When my heart went for you
Then you left
Leaving me breathless
If this is a fairy tale
Take a charge in
And set me free from this mountain
Cos i dont want to be hurt

Early in the morning
Rising up from the dark night
To meet the breaking dawn of a new day
You fill my space
And took your place inside of me
In my thought
In my work
Was held captive
Break me no more
Least i cry in the fight
If this is fate
Then i choose to be lost with you
Cos i dont want to be hurt

If it was a dream
I would wipe it out of my imaginary memory
If it was a movie
I wouldn't spare time to watch it again
I would run from it
Far away to yonder place
To escape the terror from catching up with me
Cos i dont want to be hurt

Like rain drop from the sky
Come again
Like morning dews on beautiful fowers
Come again
Like wave in the ocean
Come again
From the hilltop
I say come again
Down the valley
I say come again
I cant worship to this melody anymore
Come again
Come again
Cos i dont want to be hurt


Hurt, Love

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