I doubt 1994 Karamay fire in Xinjiang was man-made

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In 1994 the Karamay fire in Xinjiang that had killed 288 pupils.

Maybe 1994 Karamay fire in Xinjiang was man-made

April 25,2018
Around about 1994 or 1995 there was a report in the newspaper of the Karamay fire in Xinjiang that had killed 288 pupils. Then my mom’s husband said to my mother that the dead children all could sing or play musical instruments, which meant I got into Minjiang Vocational University and working staff paid by the imperial court because I was famous in Ming Qin for playing accordion when I was a pupil, but actually because I am an illegitimate child of Gong Hao, who was president of the Fuzhou Intermediate Court from 1983 to 1985.
So maybe the Karamay fire had been man-made just to threaten my mother and me to force me leaving the Ming Qin procuratorate. Last year I searched the wiki for Karamay fire and discovered that the Friendship Hall had been redecorated mostly using flammable materials in 1991 when I had been transferred from the Ming Qin procuratorate along with my mom's implacable opposition.
The burning of primary school students in Xinjiang occurred in 1994. The enemy had already transferred me from the procuratorate to be no unit to receive in 1991, But my mother always objected, she told me to stay at the prosecutor's office, which was the reason of my mother being murdered by the bang of the Communist Party of China in Fujian in 2005. My mother thought Gong Hao had been killed, who is my real father. Morally speaking, for whatever reason, she could not agree to such an end. And after the enemies sent that soldier He Wenkai around me to pursue me in 1993 and finally abandoned me, but he couldn't solve my problem. That's why they started on the Karamay pupils and burned them to death. All above is my personal point of view.
My enemy is Gong Hao’s old wife, whose lover and backer was Vice President of Fujian High Court around 1989, who maybe is a relative of Wang Xiao Hong who is director of Public Security of Beijing and Deputy Minister of Public Security now, who maybe was the matchmaker for President Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan, who is a major member of the Fujian gang of the Communist Party who had murdered many persons related to me and have countless assets at home and abroad through their agents or relatives. I even doubt that Diao Aiqing's corpse-dismantling at Nanjing University was created by them.
https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/克拉玛依大火 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1994_Karamay_fire


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