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Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. I'm thinking red wine and grilled steak for this holiday. As far as the poem, in my last two relationships I was the stabilizing force in their lives. However, that was not enough to save the relationships.

I know

I know
there is something about me
that makes you feel calm
more centered
I seem to have that effect
on a lot of people
I try to stay in the moment
even as the moment
slowly and furtively tiptoes away
I focus on you
on your eyes
on your words
on the sound of your voice
soak it in
as I let everything else melt away
I know
a lot of people are very good at talking
but not very good at listening
really listening
as though
their very lives depended on it
they are busy thinking about what
to say when you stop speaking
I can’t help but wonder
will you be the one
who will break this terrible spell
end the curse I cannot seem to shake
will I be strong enough to give up
to surrender
I keep losing faith
it comes and goes
ebbs and flows
I know
I open my eyes
in the early morning light
crawl out of bed
then chase the day
into the dying embers
of the setting sun
never able to completely shake
this feeling
that I am not quite in sync
with the rest of the world
and perhaps
that is actually a good thing
as I look around
at some of my fellow human beings
I know


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author avatar LOVERME
1st Aug 2018 (#)

May I simply suggest
keep poetry about 16 to 19 lines
else it becomes epicurial and none scan it
particularly younger ones who want a kiss quickerly and oldies like us can't for that long hold it
sight wise
weak eyes

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