I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Osborn has really been getting annoyed at that chick whom he's had a baby with. She keeps bothering him for... well he didn't know what anymore, because he pays alimony of R600 every month and doesn't know what more she wants.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yet, she keeps coming over here to bother him. She has no right to be on our land, yet she keeps coming here to see Osborn. Sometimes I see her at night, sitting with the baby, waiting for Osborn who is nowhere to be seen and won't be seen as long as she's here.

One evening when I knocked on Osborn's door to give him a DVD that I filmed of him working with Father at his aircraft factory, I even found some strange woman in there with him.

When I asked him who this creature is then, he responded that she's just here to keep that other chick with his baby away from here. Ah, a bodyguard, I responded, to which he burst into laughter. Something like that, yes.

But it wouldn't stop. That chick was really affecting Osborn's work and life with her always looking for him and wanting to bother him for something, most likely money, or so we thought.

So finally Father as the landowner and employer of Osborn has to step in and tell that chick to go away because Osborn doesn't want her here and she doesn't live here and she should bugger off because she's just making a nuisance of herself.

Well the conversation between Osborn and her and Father is actually quite heartbreaking to Father, or so he says afterwards.

It would appear the reason that chick simply won't leave Osborn alone is because she's in love with him. Yes, she wanted money and child support, but she also wants Osborn.

Apparently Osborn and her have already made a baby before, some time ago, but that one was a miscarriage.

Now she has his second baby, alive and well, but now her baby's daddy don't want her.

Many times she gets so emotional and loud and uninhibited about it, that Father has to calm her down first.

Although Father's heart is breaking for this 19 year old child, because she is really just still a child, he has to tell her how things are. Osborn doesn't want her and he doesn't love her, so it's no use to try and force him to love her.

She just says Osborn MUST love her, and Father should speak to him and make him be with her.

Oh dear. It's such a childish, almost embarrassing conversation, but yeah, love really does make people do crazy things.

She says she has wasted her life, and Father must PLEASE speak to Osborn. Father tells her that Osborn is a grown man and can do whatever he wants, and he's not going to love her just because Father tells him so.

In the end, Father finds it a very sad love tragedy. He encourages the girl to go on now and just try and start over and try again in a different direction. This isn't working as it is.

After some time not getting anywhere with this girl, Father says he has to go now and leaves Osborn and her to talk things out. Not sure if they did. Osborn pretty much just wants to flee from this girl now, and thinks of the situation with her as some nightmare he just wants to escape out of.

Love is a funny thing.

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