I'm not one for putting people in classes, but that guy is not the class of people we want here!

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We're dropping Harrison and his wife at Rand Estate, and taking a quick look at the new flat we're moving Auntie Marienne into.

Auntie Marienne suffers from Steele-Richardson-Olszevski syndrome, which many times is confused with Parkinson's disease.

New place for Auntie Marienne

Father and Uncle Gus have meanwhile taken a firm stand and worked it so that they can finally help Auntie Marienne for real with her finances and life, because honestly, she's been living a completely pathetic life with her drunken husband Kees.

Aside from never having money, Father also found out that Auntie Marienne has an insane amount of debt, from any and all kinds of business. No wonder they never have money.

Anyway, Father has taken over all her debt and with Uncle Gus he has arranged that he will pay for it all, while Uncle Gus will handle her finances as she is clearly not capable to do it herself.

And they finally got her to sign a letter, giving Father and Uncle Gus all the power they need to sell that prime piece of property she has, but that her son Joe for some reason would not allow her to sell. He just left his mother in total and absolute poverty, this while she's actually a land owner and can be turned into a cash millionaire simply by selling this piece of land. They suspected Joe has some kind of funny business regarding this piece of land.

Rand Estate is run by Father's partner here, Pine Greg. Pine Greg shows us the flat Auntie Marienne will be moving into. It's a lovely place on the top floor, with a balcony looking over the hills, but with a high enough railing so that she wouldn't fall over.

The flat is great; only problem really is the glass shower doors. And probably the ceramic toilet bowl, but that's really what toilets are so there's not much to change about that. Auntie Marienne's illness has made her fall through all sorts of things these past couple of years - glass doors, windows and window sills, and yes, at her current dwelling, she even broke the toilet bowl with her head, that's how hard she fell.

Anyway, the toilet bowl and glass shower will have to stay like that for now and we'll see how it goes.

On Friday, Mother and Uncle Gus and Auntie René and a few servants will come and move them in here from their current place.

Class is not how rich you are, it's how you behave

Pine Greg has a few serious words he wants to get off his chest though. It's about Auntie Marienne's current husband.

"I'm not one to put people in class boxes, but honestly, that guy is not the class of person we want around here!", he says of the alcoholic who lies on his bed all day and does only two things: Eat and drink.

There is a rule here in this new flat where they live, as it is part of a building in which a matron keeps an eye on the residents. The rule is that everybody who is in any way capable, must get out of the flats at least once a day, to go eat a delicious plate of food in the eating hall for lunch.

"You can bring my food to me every day!", Kees had told them according to Pine Greg.

It seems this had angered Pine and the matron quite some, and the matron made it clear that such a thing shall not be done. He wants to eat, he can come out and get his food. There's no reason why he cannot get up and walk, other than that he might be too drunk. And being too drunk to walk is not considered an excuse around here.

Father promises Pine that the first time this guy gives them any trouble, they must call Father and they will come teach this guy a lesson.

Well, let's hope the big move goes down well. Auntie Marienne has hoarded an insane amount of junk at her current dwelling, and all her furniture is broken and in a state not mentionable in decent company. To sort out what needs to be moved, and how to get Auntie Marienne to let go of most all the useless junk, is going to be a fight to the bitter end.

I wish everybody involved in the move, good luck!

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