I'm puking all the way, I'm puking all the way, what a horrible feeling, I'm billious and gay

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Have you ever met people who can't get their bodily system adapted to modern motorcar travel? So have I. Stingley is one of those people who pukes all the way if he's in any seat other than the driver's.

I'm puking all the way, I'm puking all the way, what a horrible feeling, I'm billious and gay

Well, like most Sunday nights, it's time to go out for pizza.

However, as we're on our way and think of our options, the idea gets decided on to go to Unitown and eat at Panarotti's.

Stingley and Elmarie and their two children are also with us in Father's Land Rover.

But Stingley's feeling poorly. He gets very car sick.

So Father offers that Stingley drives. They switch.

A little way on our way to Unitown, suddenly Stingley stops. He gets out and makes the most ghastly noises, like he wants to puke but he doesn't puke freely but it comes and goes.

Then he gets back in and we drive a few minutes more.

Then, again Stingley stops and makes dinosaurlike noises puking and spitting on the side of the road.

Then he gets back in and we drive a little bit more.

Then, the same thing happens. Stop and puke.

Then, drive a little more. Then, stop and more puking on the side of the road.

This is how our trip goes tonight. We don't seem to make much headway.

But finally we're in Unitown and having our supper. Stingley doesn't eat a thing. For a long time, he didn't even come into the restaurant with us. He's standing outside trying to feel better.

Later on he wants to go to the mall's toilets but he is also frightened of the drunk black drunkards who came from Maxi's restaurant.

He tells the security guards that these people have gone into the toilet with beer bottles. The security guard does go in after them, but he'll probably be too scared to tell them it's illegal to walk around in public with beer bottles and being drunk and drinking and being low lives.

Well, we go home with Stingley driving, but fortunately he doesn't stop and puke every two minutes again.

A fine, fine evening it was.

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