I missed the rising SUN

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A guy after having gulped countless glasses of beer last night, missed the next day's rising sun. He is sitting in his couch, thoughtful recalling what actually happened. This is not a thrilling detective excerpt but a short story of a lost boy in remembrance of his life... Hope you like it!!

Please come back....................

I do not recall when did I get up next day morning….or was that a morning!! I peeked out of my window to convince myself if it really was dawn outside. The sun’s rays were slant in the opposite direction unlike usual morning. I in drowsiness hauled back at the pendulum swaying above my head. It confirmed, there was definite wrong either with me or with the sluggish needles. 4:18 concisely!! I peeped outside one more time of my window. “It should be night, how come sun woke up so early today??”
Fuck off, sun’s fool, I’m not.” I slumbered back inside the blanket.

Scarcely had I recollected when it was next I got off my bed, but somewhere in the middle of night, when rats wobbled football game inside my intestine. The pendulum had moved to strike a definite 20 past 12 of midnight.
Fuck man, since when I have been sleeping?”

The head was heavy. I battled hard to convince my eyes to open up and feed the gruesome appetite screwing cannels inside my stomach so horribly. I had heard of walking people in night while in sleep, it was the first time I was finding myself abiding them. I felt myself walking towards the kitchen. I found an open packet of wafers spread open there on the tiled mosaic platform and there was kept a bottle of coke along. I picked the plastic packet up and crunched a few of that pale yellow shaped amoeba to pacify the hungry rats inside and gulped in hefty quantum of black liquid while I marched back to my bed.

“What I’ve been doing all the day?”
I asked a question to none.
As expected none answered, “Slept. Fuck, I slept the whole day?”
I crushed hard the hairs of my head to dig out the possible answer from the anonymous part of my brain.
“God damn it!! Where was I last night?”
I fixed my eyes hallucinated, at the three needles performing their task diligently right above the reeling pendulum. I hit them hard with those of my unusual grueling looks, to dig up answers of all my muddled questions.

Deeper I looked into the wall clock, clearer the whole of the actions of the previous night became. I could investigate, where was I last night and possibly how drunk was I that I could not see the rising sun of my life the next day. I heard a hum of dripping water, amidst pin-drop silence, onto my lap. I looked down. It was for sure a water drop. I rubbed my eyelashes to confirm the origin of ooze. Yup, I was crying. I fought hard to stop them, but they held greater strength. I did not know how to console myself, in fact I never knew. I recollected, it has been more than three months now, I last herd of her. I just could not forfeit my burgeoning pain. I kept and kept weeping for next how many minutes…I do not know. All I could garner was the sound of my own cry. I wondered why the hell she left me. Why the hell was I thrown out of her life? What made her realize after being almost six years in to the relationship that I was not the almost perfect guy for her?
I wanted an answer. ”Answer me, Anannya!!” I yelled aloud.
For a second I thought the clock had stopped tickling. The eyes for some reason went blurred.

I wiped off the slothful water drops from my face and refocused on the moving thorn of the clock. The bottle of soft drink was still with me, quarter filled. I swallowed it the way I had probably, the beer glass last night. Clearing my nose and throat, I sat pensive. I saw the lady of the previous night, sitting opposite me with her bum fixed against the red sofa. I appeared strangulated of my own deeds. I watched myself hearing her story and drinking some yellow liquid in from the glass. Towards the end of the hallucinated play, I saw her crying and me trying to console her out of nothing. The film zoomed off, but it livid me with the pain, the same nature of pain that I experienced yesterday, the kind of pain that had left me with scars for the last four months now.

I did not know if it was the last of my relationship with her. I did not think if destiny would leave me to this fatal trail of my life. I did not imagine if it was the last I saw her face in the month of June, I recollected. I did not think if a day would ever come when I would have to live my life without hearing her even for once. I did not know……I did not…..if she actually wanted this to happen in the end. I did not really think if I was destined to lose her in my destiny. I looked all around the room to lurk for an answer. I could only extract my sorrows in return from the motionless, emotionless, four walls of the room. “Do no leave me shattered, Jhali. I gonna die.” I cried…and…cried…and did not know when I envisioned the love of my life elongating her arms to engulf me. I could not resist the temptation and I slept again.


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Hi all..I am prashant from mumbai , India. I am out here to try my hand out in writing something....well....not decided yet...may be would write something concerning youths or teenagers..I enjoy that!

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author avatar richardpeeej
24th Nov 2011 (#)

A gripping story Prashant so sad in places my friend

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author avatar prashant_jha
25th Nov 2011 (#)

thanks richard for yoyr comments..

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author avatar Denise O
26th Nov 2011 (#)

First of all, welcome to wikinut. Once you go out and search out others, you will find this is a great site and wonderful people that are very supportive. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar prashant_jha
26th Nov 2011 (#)

Truly you guys are great....thanks for dropping by..

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