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This page talks about the new ads which are popping up on our pages, is it right that they cover our work? or is this taking advertising to far.


To start off with I would just like to say the problems I am going to talk about here are not major problems and certainly not enough to make me stop my work but never the less they are still things which are bothering me. Firstly I have noticed a change regarding my work being published here on Wikinut, I am relatively new to the site and have only been here a month a two but I have noticed that when I started a couple of months back that my work was being checked and moderated very quickly, always within the hour with no messing about but it seems something has changed and I now can be waiting the best part of the day before my work is checked. I am not sure why this is in fact I have no clue of the sudden change but I think I would be doing a lot more work for this site by now if my work was being checked quicker, I wonder if the moderators here on Wikinut could explain this to me as although it bothers me I am quite sure there will be a reason for this.

To many ads

The next thing I am going to talk about is these new ads that are popping up on our pages, I do not only use Wikinut for writing as I also like to read other people's pages as Wikinut is full of informative information and is a website which has some brilliant writers working for it. I do not no when these new ads started but I no they are new, they are ruining my reading experience here on Wikinut and other sites which I use as well, I do not no why some one has chosen to place theses ads right at the start of our pages as they take up half the screen and cover a lot of our work, I think the start of a page is very important, we need to know what it says so we can understand the article we are reading.

Like I said this problem is not Wikinut's fault it is happening all over the internet, big advertisements covering up the most important part of peoples hard work, I understand that in order for us to earn then ads are important but do they really need to cover our work? is this not going to far? if we carry on in this direction we will soon have no need to write as pages will be made using only advertisements. I mean what is the point in working hard and writing to the best of your ability if half your work is not going to be seen, we do not start a book a few chapters in we need to read from the start to get the facts so we understand the story.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
13th Jun 2013 (#)

Ads are how the writers get paid but I agree sometimes it is too much. You can get a pop up blocker though.

As for the slowness of moderation, for me I am way more busy in the summer than winter so have less time. I know Steve is having computer problems so that is slowing him down, not sure about the other mods.

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author avatar Kingwell
13th Jun 2013 (#)

We need the ads but don't cover the article. Thanks for writing about this.

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