I want to run

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A poem about what can happened when you fall in love with the wrong type of person.

I want to run

I want to run
away from here
at the top of my lungs
I want to run
away from here
as though the building
were on fire
I want to pull a Forrest Gump
stand up
and start running
just run
keep running
never look back
run as though
death is right on my heels
I'm in fight
or flight mode
and flight
sounds pretty damn good to me right now
if I could fly
I would already be gone
I would have broken
the sound barrier by now
I would be half way around
the world right now
but I cannot fly
and running is not an option
I have to fight
I've had my back against the ropes
for far too long
I've been letting her
pummel away at me
and I have just stood there
and taken it
no more
it's time to fight back
it's time to step up
start swinging
work the body
then an upper cut
throws some jabs
to get some space
I’m not going to mourn
what might have been
I’m not going to sit around
pondering how
I could have been taken in
she destroyed it
by cheating on me
I thought I could live with that
but I couldn't
it was eating me up alive
she used two different married men
to hurt me
and I was a fool
and stayed in the relationship
instead of getting out
I stayed too long
swallowed too much pride
sacrificed my self esteem
no more
no more


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