I will not cower to the Drums.

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A story of an old Warrior who won't die, the World has changed but somethings never do, like fighting for your life. ETNA-European Tribes of North America.

I will not cower to the drums.

The echo of distant drums, woke me up because I was numb.

I am a crazy sob, always have been, always will be, look how the World has grown up all around me and somehow I missed it, to me it's all just a big mystery.

The new frontline warriors, talk so different, I don't understand their slang or their indifference.

The echo of the distant drums, woke me because of love and I had none.

It all took me by surprise, the supersize buildings and new type of slave, I barely can hear their crys.

Where do I fit in, all these lies and at my age do I even try or do I just lay down and die ?

The echo of the distant drums, shook me so hard, that now I want some.

Through the "Will of Power" I will not cower.

I will scream, fight, kick and bite, no, I will not go peacefully, it will be quite a sight.

Give me Power or say goodnight and believe you me, you won't be sleeping tight.

By the time I am done with this town, Stars and Stripes will fly over armored tanks and bloody mounds.

And Lady Liberty will once again wear the shiny Crown.

Poem by Bravo Von Muller 4-15-15

If you know a lost soul who needs direction badly, lead them to the ETNA-European Tribes of North America mentoring program and they will thank you later. Thanks for reading and take it "One day at a Time"


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