IKEA Milton Keynes

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A company came to this country promising goodness and respect. When it never happened they returned to the old culture of blaming and sacking staff.

IKEA Milton Keynes

I walked home from work at 17.00 hours from a job I hate from the bottom of my heart,
As I am growing older work is harder to find my job is lifting heavy things from off a lorry
My record is good and I work harder than the younger people as I must to prove to a monkey I am worth a good morning but the culture is one of blame and hate.
I have never worked in a more disgusting place where an old man is treated with so much bitterness.

But Why is this?
The company continues to lose money every day, they ask these so called managers what to do, they cause it, but they don't know. They pick on the weak they must blame someone.

I was told to have a job at my age was a gift and I had to bow down as I was old, and think myself lucky. Lucky to be bullied and under pressure pressure because of age. And it would is be very hard that I could have no breaks I could not go to a toilet. I am told my so called manger would not allow this.

At the end of each shift I can hardly walk as an older guy I have to prove I pay my way.
I am not allowed go to the toilet and I am the the only person who cannot have any breaks,

The whole team go to breakfast at 0730 hours every single morning and I am not included,

The team laugh at me if they didn't the team, manager would treat them as they treat me.
The company I work for is called IKEA it's vision is a so called green but company it's not,
Self respect I once had has gone it's been destroyed by impossible silly wanabe idiots.
My daughter asks me to spend the day with my grand children, I refuse I cannot walk.

They hate me as I can lift the impossible things I am asked to move they will not win.

The fools I work with want me to bow down admit I cannot do the heaviest tasks but I do,
I am bottom of the pile and they think it's great to ruin an old hero, a man who has once earned medals for honor and respect.
At work today a pallet fell over and cut my hands and my leg, it cut my fingers and my legs.
A guy told to say I had a nose bleed now that shows what a caring company they are.
As A final word these people are the worst people in our society the project a culture of positiveness when the real culture is hate.
I hope IKEA soon leaves our lands.


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author avatar Terry Trainor
22nd Oct 2012 (#)


I can relate to this thay pretend to be a caring company but if you look at their turnover it will show a big diffrence.

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author avatar Terry Trainor
22nd Oct 2012 (#)

If anyone could spend a week at Milton Keynes IKEA the week would be a week unforgotten. Thanks for the reply. I get a pension from my old days looking after our people. I have no axe to grind as I am well looked after. But having this little job opened my eyes.

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author avatar Terry Trainor
22nd Oct 2012 (#)

My big problem is that I will not lie down. I get a good pension from my army days and these bastards will not beat me. Period.

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