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Capture thoughts of life and the experiences
Growth and learning the basic elements
an experience in me- ism
Anger at experience and foundations of self help.
Experiences in my life have led me to many places.
Meeting many people along this journey.

Are you disappointed ?

At times in my life the choices made and the individuals that impacted my decision to get my life back.
Regulation in moderation is simplistic.
Deduction of the credit I gave to my own self.
Not to be ridiculed and humiliation to my self thought.
Judgement and segregation in it self.... in ones own self..... can lead to an
Did I lose you there?

Nights in life

New Years caught in the cold. Unaware of the sight of it all , the lights the tattered spirit inside my head. Looking to be appreciated for what I am inside my head. Losing the self control of justice, I drank to forget... yet the memories sifted through the thoughts to remain there.
Entertainment for the masses... or was that without the "M".
Learning that I mattered, I was just as important as anyone else.
Did not look to pity myself I was good at that... but gained nothing...
Not even self.
So in my opinion I grew to know ME. Yes There is a ME inside of it all.


Look real good in the picture it is not as it seems. As in life sometimes even the simple things elude us.
Right there behind me is an otter. I became elusive in my thought not to be aware of his sunning himself.
He basked in the sun without a care or worry that my daughter and I were there.
So it is in my mental capacity to accept the changes I have made and the experiences that my life has given to me.
I reflect the growth the changes made .
I never give up!
I may not be ALWAYS RIGHT .
By the same token I am not always wrong..
So in my opinion I LEARN.


Learn Step-By-Step, Learn To Recognize, Learning Process, Personal Development, Personal Experience, Personal Growth, Personal Responsibility, Personal Space, Personality, Retrospect

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author avatar Sandralee
The love for my children drives me to leave a legacy of hope and faith, a desire to attain the highest goals and never limit their chances to learn and grow.

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1st Aug 2012 (#)

if i say I do not learn but copy outer shine and paint and mannerisms and other totemic symbolism..what might be your reaction or reactions?...have you seen apes and monkeys almost like them......

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1st Aug 2012 (#)

Thank you for sharing this. :)

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