INDIA - PAK Relations since 1947

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relations between india and pakistan since 1947 the wars fought between the countries and how india responded and won

When it all started

It started in 1947 when india and pakistan separated , the king Raja Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir rejected to join india or pakistan and it was muslim majority area so pakistan tried to occupy it by there power so they sent there miltiary to jammu and kashmir to occupy this area , then raja hari singh asked for help from india and agreed to be part of india, india sent there miltiary to tackle pakistani forces till than pakistan forces reached and occupied some areas of kashmir which is now known as pakistan occupied kashmir(POK) that is when it all started.


Since than both the countries have fought many wars for kashmir issue , both the country acclaim it as a part of there country in there maps

War of 1965

This war started following Pakistan's Operation Gibraltar,they infiltrate there forces into jammu and Kashmir, to precipitate an insurgency against rule by india , india retaliated by attacking in west pakistan, the 17 days of war caused many fatalities in both the countries war ended as ceasefire was declared by soviet union and usa , the war ended in victory of both the countries

War of 1971

East Pakistan culminating in the declaration of Independence of Bangladesh from the state system of Pakistan. about 10 million Bengalis in East Pakistan took refuge in neighbouring India. India intervened in the ongoing Bangladesh liberation movement. After a large scale pre-emptive strike by Pakistan, full-scale hostilities between the two countries commenced. Pakistan army attacked from the western border , indian army responded to this attack and captured vast area of pakistan including pakistani kashmir , pakistani punjab and sindh but given back to pakistan in simla agreement as a gesture of goodwillWithin two weeks of intense fighting, Pakistani forces in East Pakistan surrendered This war saw the highest number of casualties in any of the India-Pakistan conflicts, as well as the largest number of prisoners of war since the Second World War after the surrender of more than 90,000 Pakistani military and civilians.In the words of one Pakistani author, "Pakistan lost half its navy, a quarter of its air force and a third of its army

Kargil War 1999

Commonly known as the Kargil War, till 1998 both the countries in winters during heavy snowfall use to come down from the snowfall mountains during this period pakistan sent there army on the top of those mountains and In this conflict between the two countries was mostly limited. During early 1999, Pakistani troops infiltrated across the Line of Control (LoC) and occupied Indian territory mostly in the Kargil district, Two months into the conflict, Indian troops had slowly retaken most of the ridges that were encroached by the infiltrators Fearing large-scale escalation in military conflict, the international community, led by the United States, increased diplomatic pressure on Pakistan to withdraw forces from remaining Indian territory ,Faced with the possibility of international isolation, the already fragile Pakistani economy was weakened further The morale of Pakistani forces after the withdrawal declined as many units of the Northern Light Infantry suffered heavy casualties The government refused to accept the dead bodies of many officers, Nawaz Sharif later said that over 4,000 Pakistani troops were killed in the operation and that Pakistan had lost the conflict


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