"ISIL is not Islamic," "ISIL is not a State" and you Mr. President are not a Leader

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A dissection of the President's address to the nation.


President Obama would have you believe that ISIL is not Islamic. He is referring to the religion of Islam.
Egypt refers to ISIL as such. Why do they always say, "Allah Akbar,"(God is most great), in their call to prayer, call to the defense of Muslims and as a funeral litany? Their leader, Abu Baghdadi has a PhD in Islamic studies. Why do they implement Sharia Law? Why are they calling for a caliphate, which is an essential doctrine in Sunni Islam ? Why do they call themselves an Islamic state? Why do we give them copies of the Quran when we imprison them?


The president says that ISIL is not a state. Their intended goal, as they proclaim worldwide, is to establish a caliphate. They've certainly conquered enough territory in Syria and Iraq as a good start.

Obama's highest priority

President Obama in the fourth line of his address said, "As Commander-in-Chief my highest priority is the security of the American people." Then why has he not secured our southern border? Along with illegal immigrants, our intelligence tells us, that terrorists are crossing there also. He did a hell of a job protecting Americans in Benghazi too! What do you say to the dead at the Fort Hood shooting? He called it, "workplace violence." It doesn't seem to matter that the shooter was yelling, "Allah Akbar," as he murdered and that his business card said, "soldier of Allah."

Not a war?

He refused to call his actions against ISIL a, "war." He called it a counterterrorism offensive. He said, "The United States of America is meeting them with strength and resolve." So far he's had our Air Force conduct just 150 airstrikes.
Mr. President, when you order over 1000 military advisors to Iraq, send missile carrying drones, bomb people and the response is the beheading of two of our citizens, you are at war! Even the Pentagon says you knew we were at war. Why did one million Christians have to flee their city for their lives?

What allies?

President Obama said, "I can announce that America will have a broad coalition to roll back the terrorist threat." The president has nine allies in this fight. President George W. Bush had 49 countries on board when he invaded.
The President disclosed the failed attempt to rescue the now beheaded American journalists and one British aid worker along with the other estimated twenty hostages held by ISIL. Now ISIL has separated all of the hostages and the President will never be able to find them. Until, that is, he sees the videos of their beheadings.

Obama was warned

President Obama's predecessor George W. Bush warned us. On July 12, 2007 he warned that we should not withdraw our remaining forces from Iraq. He said it would mean, "surrendering the future of Iraq to al Qaeda." It would mean that, "we'd be risking mass killings on a horrific scale." It would mean, "we'd allow the terrorists to establish a safe haven in Iraq." President Obama did not heed his words. All of this has now come to pass.

The one constant

Finally, the President said, "Abroad, American leadership is the one constant in an uncertain world." This is not evident by his actions. He leads from behind or, not at all.


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15th Sep 2014 (#)

I would have thought that Obama was absolutely right on both counts. Clearly IS is not a state - there is surely no controversy there. They might establish one at some future date - if they last that long - but as things stand they only control a certain amount of territory through force of arms.

They are widely condemned by the vast majority of Muslims across the world for having distorted their religion into something that very few mainstream Muslims recognise. IS may claim that what they say is grounded in the Koran, but it is a very narrow interpretation of Koranic principles.

Islam is, at heart, a peaceful and tolerant religion. However, it is capable of misinterpretation. The same is also true of Christianity, by the way.

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