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Living my life like one of idealists. Not easy thing to do

Rough world

I hate to moan and talk about the bad things,
but unfortunately people always disappoint me again and again.
I behave like a little baby that always believes in good,
that always thinks that the world has changed.

When will I understand how it really works?!
Maybe never because I'm a dreamer,
I'm one of those idealists that just don't fit in in this world.

I live in imaginary world where everyone gets what he deserves,
Where justice is not just a forgotten word ,
Where you pay if you are wrong.
Oh what a nice dream

Do I really have to wake up?
Do I have to stop dreaming and hoping for better world?
Or I have to disappoint myself over and over again?!

If I had knew the answer
I wouldn't have been writing this words in this poem.
What a great headache.

What an amazingly rough world for people like me,
for the dreamers, for the idealists.

© 2016 Suzana Mustra


Idealism, Idealist, Life, Life Experience, Life Lessons

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author avatar Suzana Mustra
Suzana Mustra, born in Croatia,living in Italy Sardinia.
Author of Kindle Edition "The Shadows of Joy "

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
14th Apr 2016 (#)

Suzanna, all have skeletons in the closet. Just make sure they don't come out to bite you when it is least expected. Most idealists are great until their skeletons learn the trick to dance and tell the dirties out. Then the strength lies in how you cope with combating it. Are you up to it or will you crumble. It ain't Italian Mafia style or Thin crust pizza with topping I can assure you. Been there and have had idiots who hacked and encroached privacy just to get their story told and even destroyed well being of family members until law stepped in to play part. I was like you too until I fought this battle.

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author avatar Suzana Mustra
14th Apr 2016 (#)

14th Apr 2016 (#) I have to learn so many things Lady Aiyanna. Thank you for your comment. Only thing that I "hate" in this world is that you have to change and you have to be rough if you want to "survive"...but why?

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author avatar ginaguo
15th Apr 2016 (#)

I believe that all troubles in our life is lack of enough money. If with enough money, we can travel all over the world freely,being a real master in the world.

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author avatar Suzana Mustra
15th Apr 2016 (#)

Maybe you're right although I always say that money is nothing if you're not happy with yourself and inside your soul and heart. But surely some problems wouldn't exist with money in our pocket

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author avatar Vicky Pino
17th Apr 2016 (#)

I once was an idealist, but on these days, I am no more, but I have ideas that I try to define as I read and observe around and beyond. Unfairness there is, but this is man's made. Few greedy men and women that lead lavish lifestyle against the rest of the world. Tis what I think. Ideals no more, but ideas that will let me know what is good and what is not.

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author avatar Suzana Mustra
17th Apr 2016 (#)

Vicky you have a lot of experience. I need to learn a lot of things (unfortunately )

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author avatar Suzana Mustra
18th May 2016 (#)

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