If my Laptop is a Man

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My laptop is my bestfriend. I am using my laptop to connect with my friends online. I can talk to them in Facebook, in Skype, and in Yahoomessenger. I also can write articles and prove to the world, that I am a writer and it gives me happiness and satisfaction.

My Best Friend is my Laptop

Living alone in this house is really a challenge. If you are me, maybe you can find someone to live with you. But as for me, I don't care about that thing. I have my best friend. My laptop is my bestfriend.

Every afternoon, as I came home from work, after a prayer of thankfulness to my God, I immediately plug my laptop. Then open it and connects to people. The first site I open is the Wikinut. I want to see if the moderator accepted my articles and if they are being published.

If my laptop is a Man

If my laptop is a man, he will be always happy because I have time for it. My time is almost with my laptop. I can encode my lesson plan in it, then print it later. I can also do Microsoft Excel here for the students' grades, then I can use my laptop in connecting to people. Different people I met on life.

Some friends who has problems with their life. I am here to console them with kind words. Some friends are so weak when it comes to love. I am here to make them strong. To inspire them, to remind them that whatever happens God loves them. This world is not permanent. If they are hurt now, later they will be fine.

My Laptop Makes me Happy

This laptop has many songs stored. If I felt low sometimes, as you can not avoid being alone, there are times that I feel low and sad. I don't want to cry but instead I just click the Gospel Songs, then I listen the songs. What if I don't have my laptop? It will be so bad.

I can't exchange my laptop to anything. It's okay if my phone is not working well but having my laptop gives me so much happiness. Here, I can also manage to hear the word of God. In Gateway Bible Society, they presented audio Bible presentation, wherein I can only listen the word of God.

I Love my Laptop

My bestfriend is my laptop and I love this so much. I treasure it too much. Everything I can do here. I love my laptop so much. Having it, makes me a happy person because I can connect to everything.

I remember when I was living in the mountain when I was a child, I pictured out my life in the future. Now I am here in the city having all things that I dream long time ago, I can only say God is good.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
4th Aug 2013 (#)

Well I live alone and have people around me but keep to myself despite it all.
Nope, don't require a laptop to be a man except in my imagination that creates a whole new world of possibilities that brings forth the dream into realisation wherein all is real even in virtual to create a spectrum that no other can touch, live or reverberate except yourself as this is who you are and what you do in life that reflects in whatever you see, do and feel.
I am self contented with my writing and earning, have my family, although father of child is living separately and communicate virtually, there is no need for another man or identification when you are already tied to one and needing another. If that is the case, step out of the first one to get into the second one not having two people at the same time even in fun and games. Its has never been my way of life and never will be either as I attribute virtual chatting (if that is what you are insinuating) to be a form of infidelity wherein I won't do it even if it means death to me in real.

For me a laptop is a tool that I use to make my money, earning and living which is an essential commodity but will not sit in front of it day in and day out as I like playing outside with Nature and I am Nature's Girl....

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