If we could dance

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Even though life is hard
it doesnt mean we cant live it right and enjoy it
the joy of our life is from our maker
the decision to be happy is from you.....
find out more in the awesome poem

If we could dance

If we could dance

So many times we are in a straight between two
One step forward
One step backward
That is a movement that brings confusion
And leaving suspence to dance alone in our heart
Waiting for a spark in our body to syn with the music

So often we keep dancing to the tune of our life problems
Each time we draw near to God we are pull back by it melody
And it seem we are lost in the music
What music are you dancing to?

Day in
Day out
Problems visit our dreams
Dancing beneath our joy
Wrong music they play
Wrong dance we do
But on the edge of sunset
There is a better dance to theirs

So often on our bed to rest gladly
But overwhelmed by empty or moody thought
Short and long flashes of nice but unreal thoughts and imaginations inviting us to dance in the glow of sunset
Im still amaze how they roll on to make the music and we dance away

Though we dance to the wrong tune
Syn with the wrong melody
Thats not how it was meant to be

Come with me friends
To the wild realm of the truth
Though problems abound
And the earth is filled with weeping
And it seem like your tears alone is counting on the street filled with sad melody

Lead yourself to hope
And restore your spirit to soar like gazelles across an uneven floor
Dance is to be enjoyed
And not to be beared

Write a new song when the music stop
With lyrics that caress your heart and dry tears that drops
For when the tune changes and melody slowed

There is no doubt life is hard
But we must dance with joy as we journey through it

If we could dance
Then we dance to the song we want
If we could dance
We dance with joy
If we could dance
We dance without fear
If we could dance
We dance to the right music in life
The music that we sowed into our life

Only God can bring joy
But as sure as the breaking dawn
Only you can dance to your joy to please the maker of joy

If we could dance
Then we dance in joy
For joy
And with joy


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