Ignore Me Then (Non-Romantic)

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"Ignore Me Then" is a mellow spiritual warfare poem about life and more secret of the spirit battle. God continues to display His faithfulness (even globally) as I use any gifts I have to exalt Him. I write only from the heart.

Ignore Me Then (Non-Romantic)

I understand how misconceptions happen, but still... it's only glass-es
That's cloudy and cracked
And other times, it's just an underlying
Tactic, that's to undermine...
I utter mine
Underline it, backwards, I'm a crafter after God's heart, patterns
Battered lanterns, odd starts, manners got far
Not parked, in slanders, harkened answers
Supernatural Light, that ain't dry
Bogarting my shard, I try hard, but Truth is hammered nice
I filter what I hear, I notice, what's of sheer, spite, clear night (deer sight)
Focused on this, say, snatching that entrapping the passion
And I can see aside...
I shall be who I am
Harassment can't collapse it
Scanning like arachnids
Learning facts, unearthing that, it worked, perhaps
And burned the grass, that God redacted like a curse or something
Blackened ash to standing plants
And certain traps can stick around, to kill and bound, the serpent grafts
Discerning half
And I can feel it as I write, it's like a spike
The presence of a net, something next
To understand connect between the depth and me
Kindness brighter than antagonism
Time and place
Saying, ignore me, plans, some hands and man abhors me
Blessings coalesce, a frozen mess
The innocent, that's been dismissed, with insolence, when the shadow came
It passed the same
The hands of 'Weh remolded
What was gone to show He owned the ends of it (My Lord)
His benefit, the spirit riches, quicked to my eye
And what one wish for others mixes in
The lists are big, there's many books, in heaven, as there's different sins, specific blends
I gravitate to seven
At the Spirit's wilm and utterance, I muster strength again...
Strive to set into the destined paths of righteousness, to enter realms, where splendor lives
Where no eviction is
The City's filled with Yahweh's Light
Just glistening, the wickedness, is far away, a large bouquet, addressed to what is dissing, quick
Gender, race, ethnicity, etcetera, no consequence, His love persists
His mercy lasts forever, these aren't just some compliments
Accomplishments are miniscule, my confidence is in the tomb
He got up from and went to You
The simple truths that'd build the youth
And I'd rather be ignored that He be implored...
Not to mention that it's God provision, not religion, reaping coals, when evil loathes
Retinue, pray for you and pray for me, we've seen the lows of needed growth
Heated roads, the issues, tiny tiny, things subsiding, peace, and dreams supplying tissue
Slicing miscue...
And not all believe, I fall bereaved at this but no worries, the hope is flowing still
Know He lives, and He fights for the Light, and won't forsake His saints, o, I feel excited to find
The revelations out, celebrating Yahw', yes, the faith is ground
Recalling other times and seasons, just for reasons, just to make Him proud
The Lord ain't boring, He be singing for His saints that sprout!
Don't want to see no faces down, He's active and defacing doubts...
My brain was washed and by the Lamb
And hiding lamps is pointless, pressure models buoyance
He saved me from hell...
The flailing devil tries to toy with me
Failing measures, God is strong, the extra be annoying me
I stay doing well... subduing the shell, to know the flesh is dying daily
Try denying self, with less unto the world, to put more effort to the heaven's Light, the special type
Connected to the pearls, twelve, the standing high, and sooner than anticipated
Like a thief
He'll wreck the sky, and check the blind, I'm occupied with me, watching God complete His will...
Evil demons probably want to occupy me still
But, I don't give them, nada, why coddle? The stuff that minds conceal...
God won't fight for hypocrites
Formulas absorbing, not, ignore, God is not a sliver of as critical
Aware of some awareness, but the Lord has more, the pinnacles, the end of falls, contrition tall, a vision, that
Shall manifest
Disbanded nets, my essence ain't attached, in fact, upon the understanding, that's it's something
Underhanded and attacking God, whoever of the tactics, what's enwrapping righteousness
Must've eyed the sin in that, the hidden matters, finding Krakens odd, but still
Continue trying
On the string of compromise
And even see
The mind can know but don't believe to justify!
A bunch of times, I'd dine alone...
Silence shows, designs and yokes, and binds, that I controlled, and could've chopped
But I ain't know...
Fortified my mind with Truth because of shade (lies) thrown, on others
Just to sabotage, my rudders, so I can't grow, it shudders, at the Light of God...
Kingdom of darkness
I'd rather that it'd just ignore me, I'm succeeding

God is ever-present


Eternally, God, Jesus, Life, Light, Spiritual Warfare, Truth

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Author. Story Teller. Dreamer. Prophet of YHWH. One Of Those Revolutions Will Begin With A Pen.

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author avatar LOVERME
15th Jul 2017 (#)

my suggestion only poetry must be 14 to 19 lines only else it becomes history prose likely you may ignore me
I only share my experience of over 13 years being on the internet mainly jobless as i am rally many just try to lull me knowing unknowingly only
MI Lord reads me daily
regularly and offers advices sincerely makes up for those lost losers mainly come read me

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