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This is a short story about a young woman who tried to bury inside her soul something bigger than herself, but there was no use in trying to hide it... Everybody already knew her secret

Oh, love...

She was a strong woman, as tough and immovable as an old rock who knows how to withstand the cruel attacks of the merciless time. But in a moment, she turned into a little trembling flower. The reason left her mind, leaving the young woman to drown into a pinkish ocean of romantic clouds who filled her once rational thoughts. Her lips, those who once let out wise words denouncing all the evils of the world we live in, now were nothing but a mumbling mess of thoughtless sentences.
Who had time to care about the troubles of the world, when there were a thousand better choices to spend one’s time? For example, going for a walk under the moonlight with your loved one, or giving a kiss to that special person before going to sleep.
No! At first, when those weird thoughts started making their way into her everyday life, she couldn’t hide her fear. What if her colleges noticed the sudden change of attitude? There was no doubt that they would shun her. After all, what man or woman of science wants to waste precious time listening someone talking about trivial matters, like sweet kisses, warm hugs or stuff like that?
So, for a while, she wore a mask made of cold steel, designed to fool everyone into thinking that she was still the same woman, the one with the ice-like spirit who never had time to waste by dreaming about silly love stories that never happen in real life.
But there was not use in trying to hide it. Everyone around her knew from the first moment that one of the oldest illnesses had got her good, and the only cure for it was forgetting about other´s opinions and letting herself burn into the sweet flames of the most romantic feelings.


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