Illuminati and the New World Order

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This article is my feelings about the subject of the Illuminati.


The Illuminati and the New World Order is something that is growing much more popular these days,whilst just a few years ago you would have been considered crazy for believing in a secret society aiming for world domination, but now millions of people worldwide are learning and believing in this idea. As things change and we embrace this new technical age it is now much easier for us to share information, with tools such as the internet and sites like Youtube it is now possible for anybody and everybody to share the knowledge they have, and this has lead to a massive rise in alternative media.

It is no secret that things like propaganda through the mainstream media have been used in the past to suit certain agenda's, and the American government have said publicly they hold the writes to not give the full facts to the public on certain issue's, this has all played a hand in the lack of trust people now have for governments and the systems which control the places which we live. The thing I think you must watch out for when studying the Illuminati is the rubbish that is put out there, it has been turned into some kind of conspiracy theory, when in truth this is a study of research politics, economics, cults and history. It is said that the Illuminati or the enlightened one's are satanist and believe in Lucifer, the devil but this idea people have that the devil is a little red horned man living underneath the world takes you far away from the truth, Satanism is more believing you are god, and putting yourself first and not humanity as a whole, taking the Satanist far away from the bible and other religious teachings.

It is no wonder people are now believing in this as more people come out to expose this group, respected men and women have put there reputations and careers on the line to talk out about the things they know and have seen, Illuminati symbolism is now everywhere, in movies, music and even politics, the all seeing eye is something that once I learnt about I started to see everywhere and the triangle shape is another thing that I keep seeing.

The idea that a one world government would help sort the trouble's we have in our world is not one that is bad in my opinion but when this agenda is being put together secretly and with tactics such as miss information, propaganda and war then we must be concerned on the ultimate goals of those involved. There is a deep dark side to this secret society and the more you learn the more you see that there are people living in our world who are in powerful positions who have some very strange ideals on how the world should be, I only hope the power of good can overcome any evil which sets out to control and destroy our rights to freedom.


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26th May 2013 (#)

Michael, your article title jumped out at me, because I just recently learned of Illuminati myself. My oldest son actually had asked me last week if I heard of it, and told me to research it, and I did. And like you, I too, now notice the triangle and the eye. Good read.

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