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Because my imagination is free, I shall imagine for this piece that I AM Goddess and can make the Earth a place of Peace.

The Rivers Shall all Run FREE

I am Goddess and shall begin my personal creation of The New World of Peace by concentrating on setting Mother Earth free. All the Rivers upon the Mother Earth shall be set free to their courses at the pace and speed they must flow. All housing in flood planes shall be moved, unbuilt and relocated to areas that flow with the contours of Mother Nature. All electricity will be garnered from the wind and the sea and the sun. Happy children will run free, being all they want to be. That's what I see.

What's on TV?

People will be loving and tending to their many gardens, but when they do have an opportunity to choose programming, it will include, but not be limited to:

Learning to Shift Your Vibrations
How to Teleport Yourself
Living Inside the Earth for Comfort
How to Talk to Animals
Shapeshifting Lessons

Where and How do We Live?

Square and rectangle buildings will be museums, because the strongest and most weather resistant building shapes are beehive shaped. New ways of stringing dwellings together will serve the old and young alike. There will be huge gardens and play areas and farm animals will be nearby, though they won't be considered to be food. Trading will be important and everyone will grow a surplus of trade goods and everyone will have everything they want and need, even as pioneers.

How will we Act?

We will act as loving, compassionate, kind, peaceful beings. We will have new codes of behaviors that will feed and continually allow for Peace. Our current vocabulary will be in the museums along with the literature, videos, music and other dredges of the centuries and millenia of living in non-peace. Children will NOT be taken to these museums on field trips. The drum of life shall return and daily we will dance words of gratitude to the heavens and spray joy out our exhales. We will understand, we will know everything. Dogs will bark no longer into the night.


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Avid student of the human condition who believes we will triumph in the end by caring for ourselves, all life and our planet as if all were precious.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
12th Aug 2013 (#)

sounds wonderful...let it Be...let it Be....thank you LoriAnne...

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author avatar LoriAnne Hancock
12th Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks Carolina. Steve, so glad you enjoyed...'loved' reading this. I really enjoyed LOVED writing and imagining it.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
12th Aug 2013 (#)

passion for what we write and enjoying our own writs is so important...blessings...

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author avatar Tranquilpen
10th Feb 2014 (#)

Hello Lori I really enjoyed what I managed to see, unfortunately, those nasty adds really spoiled the experience for me. I believe that some editorial input is needed regarding the badly displayed adverts. Thank you.

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author avatar LoriAnne Hancock
11th Feb 2014 (#)

Thank you for your comment Tranquilpen. I have no control over, nor will Wikinut SHOW me what adverts are on my writs. Can you see the ads they put on your pieces?

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