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We are advancing exponentially every year. How fast and how far can we go? Will we be the cause of the extinction of life on our planet? We are one human family. Its time for each of us to be responsible. Time is very short!

In the beginning...

Over the history of our human existence, we have evolved on parallels with many of the other species on this planet. However, our evolution has been accelerated by capabilities that we seem to have at a higher level than all other species on the planet. We possess not only the ability to adapt but also to learn at a higher level than all of the others. Therefore we have taken the planet over. Now that we have done so, if we don't use this intelligence quickly and with an extreme global consciousness, it will not be only our demise but most likely the demise of the majority of all the other species on this planet. So it's important that we “get” a few things. (As in: Do you" get it"?)
If we do not "get it" real soon, we will have no one to blame, other than ourselves, for all the negative things about to happen unless we change things we're doing. This starts with the way we think, individually and collectively.

In the beginning, a man stumbled out of his cave and started to experience the world around him. Because he was man, even a primitive man, he immediately started to learn from his experiences. Many species on the planet have this ability. Man however, has it at a higher level and coupled with the ability to remember and later in our evolution, record. Also, as in a common trait of primates, we also exhibit "Monkey see monkey do”. This is the ability to not only learn from our experiences but from that of others.
We learn from experience. We remember what we learned. We have the ability to learn from the experience of others. These are the key ingredients that give us the ability to have such an accelerated ability to evolve relative to all other species.
Something that most people don't seem to take into consideration is how much each year of extended life gives us the ability to evolve even further as individuals and the ripple effect that has on us collectively.
At this point in time, men, somewhere around 40 or 50 years old, tend to have the greatest ability to accomplish and contribute to society. After this point, degradation, at one level or another, starts to set in, affecting our abilities and contributions in the process from that point on. It usually starts with our physical health and then our mental health.
In pre-modern times it was normal for people to only live 35 to 45 years. Imagine being in your middle ages at 20 to 25 years old! Numerous advancements have given us the ability to commonly live into our 70s and beyond at this point. And that’s in the process to changing to even longer.
Whereas in pre-modern times, man's prime years would have been in his 20s. In our 20s, our decision processes are still very affected by traits such as: immaturity, testosterone and the lack of a comprehensive ability, through life experience, to see things more for what they actually are. Through a more in depth decision process that links our learned knowledge to our life experience.
Now let's go to today. A man in his prime is double the age of prime in pre-modern times. Even though the relative time frame is only 20 years difference, it is still a factor of double. Therefore life experience has doubled. Maturity has increased, testosterone does not factor as much into the decision process and the “Life experience” is now doubled.
Now consider our ability to learn through the experiences of others (Monkey see monkey do), our ability to record and review our collective intelligence and this includes our previous generations.
Our population is at an all-time high and growing. We now have the ability to link our experiences globally. Add to that, our creation of artificial intelligence. Considering these facts it would be easy to understand the acceleration of our advancement.
Our first focus, at this point, needs to be a unified shift in global consciousness. This is not only to the human family but the family of the earth! What we each do individually, affects us all collectively. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction! Get it? You better! This planet's existence depends on it!

Global Communication is key

With our ability to communicate globally, our extended life, our ability to advance through collective knowledge and other contributing factors, it is becoming obvious, that if we continue on this course, our existence will be very grim, very fast.
However, the good news is, because of all these advancements, we have the ability to almost completely shift global consciousness in a relatively short period of time. Yes, this is not only true but also very possible! Once this is done, our acceleration and evolution will become something almost unimaginable! And I mean this only in the best of ways!
Historically, we have been selfish species, both individually and collectively. Changing just this one trait will have a huge positive impact on our future. This was formed from an outdated primal need to harbor and compete to continue to exist.

You can't push a rope

We, especially those in power positions, have historically imposed our will on others. We are all well aware that globally, there numerous leaders in the world. The problem is they are not their definition. They are pushers for the most part. If we can change them to become their definition, “Leaders”, global consciousness changes for the better will become easy and almost viral. With the advent of the internet, they and their part may become almost inconsequential.
Most people are well aware that if you ended up being stranded somewhere in survival situation that ropes and strings are some of the most important things you could ever have. If one's mind were pressed to come up with the number of uses for ropes and strings a good portion of one's life may be subject to this endeavor because of the almost endless uses.
(Just scratching the surface in the survival situation: Snares, fishing line, bowstring, numerous types of traps, climbing, repelling, fortifying, attaching, constructing and then so much more…..)
Yes, ropes and strings are still to this day one of the most important inventions ever made!
However, there is one main thing you can’t do with them……. Push!
People are very much like this. Every single one of us has special gifts and abilities! These need to be drawn out and capitalized on. Human advancement depends on those in charge’s ability to lead not push!
These changes are imperative for our continued survival and advancement. This is our next evolutionary step.
Back to that…..

Our Next Evolutionary Step

Once the majority of us become consciously on the same page, we will collectively be concerned for all of our existence. In doing so, we will “get it". Instead of world leaders having to impose positions on us, we will each, on an individual basis, realize that we all, as individuals have global responsibilities and impacts!
Simple things like:
Paying attention to what we use and how we use it
Getting the best and most use of everything around us
Our individual responsibility to global population
Positions from which we think
These are just a few of the basics, however just these few can have incredible, far reaching, world changing, positive ramifications that start immediately and infinitely affect our existence.
Because of our evolutionary position at this time, our ability to learn and adapt must accelerate as never before. Our old curriculum, for the most part, are already outdated. New forms of learning must be devised. In order to do this we will more than likely have to depend on each other collectively and by this I mean for certain sectors of humanity to focus on certain areas of knowledge. Crowd sourcing can be an incredible tool.
We are producing information and data at such an accelerated rate that at our current level of consciousness, the data we generate this year will take many years to interpret. In that case, what good is it doing us now? And…our abilities to do so are multiplying exponentially!

Is humanity a virus on this planet?

Remember Terminator? We are building that reality! We are building machines with artificial intelligence that go way beyond our ability to adjust and adapt. We are creating a new evolutionary byproduct of machines that will evolve to take our place. In our current state of mind, for the world, it will probably long-term be best. At our current level, we do seem to be a virus spreading over the world.
Unless we get it!

Uniting and utilizing the young and old

Global consciousness is the only answer and only hope! In all of this planet's history, this is never been possible until now! Coinciding with the possibility is the immediate requirement to make it happen for our self-preservation and continued positive evolution. Information is being generated in increasing exponential amounts on a daily basis. We not only need to have the ability to create more technology to help us decipher this but also, as humans, develop our ability to ingest and decipher it as well.
Each new generation of human beings is incredibly more adapted to new technologies then the last. Let's face it, these technologies did not exist just a blink ago.
For most of us to learn a foreign language it is somewhat difficult. Yet little kids from each of those geographic areas where those languages are prevalent learn them with ease. They're brought up with them. Each new generation learns the current and existing tech knowledge with ease as part of their natural lives. These technologies are advancing much faster now so our youths need to be taught some form of new consciousness to be able to have the greatest ability to understand, utilize to the greatest potential and enjoy these potentialities.
Our youths need to be important directors of curriculum advancement. However, as stated in the beginning of this paper, mature oversight will be required to capitalize on this. One possibility may be to have our youths crowd source, interpret and organize all the generated data and have the elders make and implement decisions. In this way, the large amounts of data will be able to be processed and the important decisions will be made with the most experience possible. And, as each generation evolves, they will do so with each generation coming from a more knowledgeable position.
Something else very important to consider is that not only are our technological advancements accelerated beyond what would be comprehension just a few years ago, our scientific consciousness at the subatomic level in both the physical and biological sciences are about to change our consciousness to yet another level! This will occur by potentially extending our lives beyond previous comprehension and new abilities we are just scratching the surface of now as well.

This is only the infancy of our conscious!

Take a moment and imagine if we were to live only 200 years. I say only because I'm not sure what our actual life expectancy potential is about to become. But let's say we live to the ripe age of 200.
Right now, just as we start to "get it", around the age of 40 years old, we only have an average of 10 to 20 years to use our knowledge before degradation really sets in. Now imagine if that didn't start to occur until we were around 150 years of age!?! Individually, how much farther would each of us evolve in life if that were the case? Then collectively as a society? The potential exponential rapid evolution possibilities are mind boggling!
We are rapidly out growing our planet. However, our knowledge and ability to move out beyond are coinciding. If we are able to “Get it”, quick, we may be able to secure the human race for all time!
We are truly at the infancy of our consciousness. Just like when we changed from the consciousness of a child to an adult, humanity is about to become conscious!

Get it!

If we can "Get It", we might have a chance. It all depends on our ability to understand and accept this as individuals. Then spread the concept like a virus. We live in the time where this is possible and our short-term and long-term existence depends on it.

By: Dan Dawson sr.
All Rights Reserved


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author avatar Dark-Warrior
7th Jan 2014 (#)

Nice post

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
7th Jan 2014 (#)

Thanks Bud

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author avatar Nadine May
7th Jan 2014 (#)

This is an excellent article. I'm very new here and hope to get the hang of it.

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
7th Jan 2014 (#)

Thank you!
Take your time. Its just like eating an can....just one bite at a time!
Only the best,

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th Jan 2014 (#)

Well written Dan and thought provoking. We should be aware of the classic duality of life as progress cuts both ways. Scientific advancement also leads to humongous ability to cause damage. Einstein said - I do not know with what weapons a Third World War will be fought with, but the Fourth will be with sticks and stones!

We are supposed to be entering the Age of Enlightenment and we have have to be careful with the spelling as we might wrongly enter the Age of Entitlement! We need to control greed and ego. Greed becomes overwhelming in a capitalistic society and Ego can cause emotions to decide our actions with reason playing no part in it!

I also believe we should keep religious beliefs private. There is only one Creator, if at all, and I am more comfortable with atheists who just do what is right and don't judge others. Having lived among many faiths, I can say our beliefs tend to influence our approach and the bond and welfare of common humanity recedes into the background. When we are above artificial borders we will get to global consciousness. As an astronaut recalled from "up there" it looks a beautiful world indeed - no borders between countries - common fate awaiting us but we get into cocoons of suspicion and oneupmanship when we stretch our legs and start looking for trouble. Let it be a really common journey for us - unity in diversity! siva

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
7th Jan 2014 (#)

Age of entitlement? That seems to be the position of many of the youths in America. I don't know about the rest of the world. Parenting here has become more of a friend role than doing what is most important...being a parent 1st! ...and then, if appropriate, a friend.
As far as religion, I agree with you wholeheartedly.
Nothing has caused more death and war than love and religion!
The common thread in most religions is peace, love and harmony. That is what we need to share! THIS needs to be our common thread & goal.
Thanks Siva

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