Importance of SEO for Websites Creating Rich Content

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Know the need to optimize your website. Doing SEO for your page helps search engines find it fast. This will improve its rank and bring more visitors to your website.

Need to implement SEO

Every website needs content that has appeal. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a unique Internet tool that helps you create pages that have wonderful appearance and functionality. Though you can do it yourself, if you have no experience you should utilize professional SEO experts to do the SEO the first couple of times.

1) Internal Optimization

a) Links, domains and Meta data: Use proper words for explaining the content. You have several links and headings for your content that connect to search engines. If the search engines find something out of context it will rank your website lower. This will result in lesser number of visitors to your site. This is one essential requisite of SEO.
b) Rich content: This is next in the list of items you have to look at in SEO. Websites need spectacular content. In the sense, your web page must appeal to your reader. It should convey a spark of interest that awakens his or her curiosity. You have to keep on updating your content since search engines will not consider anything you have written previously.

2) External homogeneity

a) Apply for all types of media: Nowadays, everyone has some device for communication, such as cell phone, iPad, tablet or laptop. Therefore, when you do SEO, you have to make sure that your web page functions equally well across all operating systems.
b) Incorporating social networking: Make sure you connected to all media apps available. If your SEO is to work, it must reach the maximum number of people.

I) Basic SEO needs

a) Basic necessities of websites:
i. Content: Nice rich content on your page making the website full of interest to the visitor – do SEO so that it looks good. For this rearrange items around some central theme to help pass ideas to the reader quickly and effectively.
ii. Link to peer sites: External linking to sites having good repute such as Wal-Mart so that people develop trust in your website. Peer sites are those sites that existed for past decade or more. In doing your SEO, you provide links to these kind of sites so that search engines will rank your website higher.
iii. Speed of loading: Your scripting language should provide fast and easy loading of pages. If the website takes ages to load, the visitor will click on to the next page and move on.
iv. Good and easy navigation: Similarly write navigation that is simple to follow. This is a basic precept of SEO that states that everything in the page should have a proper place.
b) Check optimization for your particular business
Next thing is to see whether you have optimized it for your business. If you are selling fish, you must have links to fishing companies, fish sellers and fish buyers. You page must have more fish related items than vegetable related or meat related items. Your business should have a relevant name too.

II) Things to avoid

a) Stuffing keywords: Search engines do not like overstuffed keywords. SEO or no SEO, they will push your website down the list and number of your visitors will drop.
b) Broken links: This is another common complaint. When the design done in a hasty manner, there will be poor communication between the engines and the links. Sometimes, these links will fail altogether. In this case, we have to make the link again.
c) Links to bad sites: Search engines ban some sites either because they do not follow norms or have poor SEO in their page. If you link to such sites, the chances are that you will lose your ranking.
d) Bought traffic: This is worst sin you can do. Search engines detect traffic that you buy (such as PTC) and will eliminate your site from searches.

Enjoy the fantastic experience

So, while you keep your content pure and rich the chances are that if you do not have SEO for your website, search engines will ignore your site. You can employ professional SEO experts to work on your site and help improve its ranking. Good pages will help you gain maximum number of visitors.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
23rd Jun 2014 (#)

Excellent snerfu...!

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author avatar snerfu
24th Jun 2014 (#)

Thanks Ms Powers

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
24th Jun 2014 (#)

Good article. I would like to see one where someone explains the difference between SEOs and hashtags. I'm learning to use the 2nd, but I am learning from learners who are also learning, and things are evolving rapidly.

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author avatar snerfu
24th Jun 2014 (#)

There is nothing much to it Phyl, I write them as they occur to me. The main idea is to create a readable article. Search engines have their own methods of choosing articles, that is the problem.

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