In Awe

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Yes how wonderful it is to see the wonders of a day

In Awe

In Awe
There is no other feeling like being up in the morn
Admiring those golden rays of sunlight that day adorn
This calm moment amid such scenery makes one feel lazy
But who can resist a situation that is of such beauty

Those beautiful colors reflected by those many flowers’ petals
How their motions like a kaleidoscope with their many patterns
Each seem to be attraction its specific group of pollinators
This type of action can but make one watch in such wonders

Then along came that gentle whisper of the wind
Making those leave dance and undulate with a harmonious rhythm
In this presence the is that fixation as the sight of what is happening
Isn’t is like something that would take some poetry in describing

But what can add even more joy and even awe to any day
Is that sweet ring on the voices of those children at play?
How such a sound can only make one too just reminisce
About those moment too when there was that playing joy of bliss

As there is that slipping back to those days now long gone by?
Of running over fields through bush and shrub chasing that butterfly
So unique such a prize but how often it seems so well within the grasp
But as the hand began to close it somehow slipped away before it clasps

Now so transfixed and transpose back to those younger days
As many things came back how the mind they can quickly replay
But one jolt back to reality as those thoughts and moments had to be put behind
Because in this sate it would be difficult to make it to work on time


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author avatar Delicia Powers
19th May 2014 (#)

Lovely poem poetic2984...!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
20th May 2014 (#)

Nature is so welcoming and soothes our senses as nothing else can. We can always find refuge in nature - siva

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author avatar WOGIAM
20th May 2014 (#)

Thanks for sharing, fantastic use of proses and words.

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