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One can see what are occurring in the schools and some not pleasant

In School

What is happening these days is a worrisome matter
Many moments the very thought bring the onset of a shudder
As what is happen in these times is not an exception but an apparent rule
That those days of fun seem to be extinct in the domain of the school

Who could remember when there was joy in an era?
When parents would walk around with a type of aura
On hearing it said in the village, school and all other quarters
That their children were good and certainly have good manners

Back then too there was such a union a very tight bond
Which the school and the home seemed to embark upon
And the type of discipline instilled at home would be precipitated
When their feet on those corridors of the school was planted

Now as time progressed there has been the type of transformation
And the rate it has occurred has reached universal proportions
The statistics are there and it is quite blatantly and unpleasantly evident
That the level of indiscipline getting to be a very ugly monument

There is now an upshot and the variations in the types of bullying
And there is no discrimination on all types of children its forces are applying
With some having some continue into adulthood still having psychological problems
Hence having to spend the majority of their times getting some form of counseling

These latter happenings if one is a parent can certainly feel some fears
And some of the occurrences have even brought some tears
Who would believe not even beyond those wildest dreams?
That they are now becoming places of some gory crime scenes

Have parents because they are now in a higher financial tower
Decided to be lax and so have given up that parental power?
Now being blessed with that apparent financial security
Equate their love in this way by trying to give the children everything

So in this quest to be able those material things supply
Have let many of those values definitely slip by
And so the children who are now left up their own device
Certainly are not able to get the benefit of another advice

So what will be needed to get things back on the right road?
Because in certain ruling the law have gone too far overboard
As they have neutralize the right of those who are entrusted with discipline
And have not made any preparations to handle the resulting problems .


Bullying, Fear, Fights, Pressure, Unpleasant

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11th May 2014 (#)

Yes lots have change

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