In The Wee Hours of The Morning

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A concept to ponder when you can't sleep and the night shadows have their say.

In The Wee Hours of The Morning

In the wee hours of the morning what do you think about? When your eyes come open for no real reason and you simply cannot get back to the blissful state of sleep as before. You’re awake, hopelessly, and you decide to get out of bed so as not disturb your spouse. Maybe you go to another part of the house to sit and ponder until the proper hour arrives so you can unabashedly get on with your day. Do thoughts of your past regrets fill your mind? Those things that have occurred in your life that have gone from present to past and yet still haunt you when the stillness comes, and the mind is on the edge of feeling lonely? Those things in your life that happened as a result of immaturity lack of timing, or just plain stupidity. The moments are gone now etched in both time and your memory and are beyond reach to recall or modify. Like it or not, believe it or not but those misplaced actions have taken their place in shaping who and what you are now. Pain is a great motivator and a great teacher it’s a shame we can’t learn as much from pleasant, warm & fuzzy, incidents.

Or, do you think of your health and how getting older is painful as well as inevitable? The little joint aches are becoming more obvious and are disturbing your slumber as they ever so slowly increase in their grinding, and unyielding advancement. How at 50 years of age, you have less time left than you have lived and the body you have is beginning a dedicated descent toward the grave? You think that you have a few good years still left in you and you possibly do, however, the nagging thought is still behind your eyes and between your ears that there is an end out there, somewhere.
Maybe your thoughts at the start of this fresh, new day are about God and salvation and how you can never do enough to feel worthy in the sight of Heaven? Perhaps concern for your everlasting soul comes to mind as you recall your understanding of the scriptures and realize how pitiful you would stand now and forever at the throne of judgment. And you hope that your understanding and your belief is as you perceived it and when the end comes your eternal spirit will be accepted into the Kingdom of God, Almighty!

As you sit in the shadowy room with only the glow from the street lamp as contrast you begin to see all the surroundings in shades of light, dark and gray. Is that symbolic of your life? Are you moving through life’s plane relying on the position of the shadows to guide your path? Or, are the thoughts in the mind real and steady enough to take you to a sane and positive conclusion? What do you think about in the wee hours of the morning?


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4th Jul 2011 (#)

For some reason I lie there planning my next article or story :-)

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