In case you were born in January

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Celebrating Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac month and wishing to these folks born on these signs a happy birthday!

In case you were born in January

We´re still under Capricorn zodiac sign that goes from 20th December to January 19th. These folks, or at least the ones I´ve known, tend to be serious minded. They´re quite focused on what they have to do and very especially if they love what they´re doing.
Don´t you ever dare disturb them from what they´re doing, because they can go on a gust of temper. Otherwise, they´re peaceful and talkative ones.
From 20th January to 19th February, we´ll be on Aquarius zodiac sign. Of aquarians, it´s said that they´re intelligent, but bordering with madness. Worry not, because like Capricorn ones, we´re peaceful until someone tries to step on us! It´s the sign of friendship and helpful ones at hearts and it couldn't be otherwise, because we´re represented by the water bearer, that is, we sometimes tend to think of the others more than than we think of ourselves. As I say, we´re quite smart, but contrary to what Capricorn ones are like, we tend to be dispersed at times, because we happen to be interested in far too many things and find it difficult to end them.
Whatever you´re in, it´ll be your birthday -whether Capricorn or Aquarius. So, do have a good one whoever you wish to celebrate yours, be it on your own or with a whole crowd.
Look at the illustration and don't mind if you´re going to be one year older, because, and after all, this happens to everyone during the year and we´re in the same boat -we are born. We grow up. we´re young and we get old, but the most important to know is that it´s up to us what we do with our life and how we enjoy and take the most of it or not.

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author avatar LOVERME
15th Jan 2014 (#)

capris are pragmatic ...
darker skin..
thicker too

and aquarius is a sign of beauty..
and brains a bit too few

..How I wish the whole world knew ...
be pragmatic and wise ...
none should u despise ...
as they all are wise

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author avatar vickylass
15th Jan 2014 (#)

Thanks LOVERME for the poem, which I take as a birthday present.

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