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Inspired by a comment in this week's episode of "Cosmic Disclosure," with Corey Goode & David Wilcock on Gaiam-TV (internet).

Progress not Perfection

I am only halfway through and pause to pray and ponder this pregnant point of make slow steps to change timelines. We become what we put our attention on. Joan Didion was popular in 1978 when I began college. I never liked her style. However, she popularized the phrase, "Slouching Toward Bethlehem" so characteristic of the hippies and wanna be new agers reaching for divinity but only when it fits into the daytimer already scheduled.

I also like this idea of percentages of service to other. I happen to think that the Greek word for ego (σεαυτόν) is the source of the cosmic joke that a Satanic cult is out to corrupt us all if we don't keep one eye open all the time. The English word for self is dervied from this Greek σεαυτόν transliterated SEAYTON, or Satan for short. When any one ego prevails, evil prevails. Greeks did not call themselves that they call themselves Hellenistic, El-En, There was a semetic diety called "El" worshipped in the Mediterranean/Levant in pre-Abrahamic times times. Yevan (יון) in Hebrew. They made stories to transmit ancient history unedited. So this is not an ascension in an elevator type deal it takes time. Why? Because we are not travelling alone. If it were up to ascended beings to ascend themselves they would hardly bother with witnesses, stories, writers, directors, producers, alternative media, internet, me, you. We are here to take students with us, those who need a little push in the direction they already chose.

It might be like pixels on a screen. Imagine the screen starts out all dark. Then one at a time, they light up until the picture gets across, then details of the picture, then three dimensional picture then it becomes a vessel for spirit, and so on. We, too are such. We make a vessel out of water and clay and pour into this our spirit, or a drop of our spirit. This we call soul. Then we pollute the vessel. Until we can remember why we came. Then we clean the vessel. It is in the cleaning process that the purification becomes a model to others. And with this purification of the body comes higher frequency spirit and friends to occupy that same now cleaner vessel. Who wants to be roommates with Oscar Madison, after all?

The pulse of nature

A squirrel stopped and stared at me a few weeks ago. I looked up "squirrel+symbolism" and came up with the idea that for me, squirrel probably means "overdoing it." One example of me overdoing it is when someone accuses me falsely to get my goat, then I let them by over-reacting. Shakespeare's comment, "He doth protest too much" comes to mind.

The torus is a tornado, a twisting and turning of energy that goes out from me to the "is" the great unity and back. I am a torus or a collection of tauri, so are you and you and you, together we make the great fractal unity that is "I am" or something like that. Pyramids symbolize and re-create this sacred geometry.

The orgonite layers the receptive/yin/dark and the active/yang/light so that a push/relax pulse is created, a breathing a pulsing an in/out, I give the world my most creative, unique, sincere art. I wait for that to be absorbed. In the giving I am yang. In the waiting I am yin. If I rush this process I get defensive reactions because my art has not been absorbed. Nobody wants anything forced on them, if I do not wait I, in my over eagerness as a creative artist inadvertently force this issue, I rush the beat, creating without intending to a negative and defensive reaction.

I see my role as an artist and writer and my mission as a minister to be one and the same: unique creative expression of truth, expressed as beauty, symmetry, harmony, joy, love, affection, understanding, empathy, integration, cooperation, humor, balance, equality (but not conformity), mutual-respect and justice, truth in all things. That's what truth means for me, what is true is ultimately beautiful because it is in harmony with natural law.

Natural law is defined roughly as: 1. I am that I am was and will be, without sin; 2. I am responsible for all that I create, which is karma; 3. I do no intentional harm. If I am shown harm that I caused then I balance karma by creating art, love, joy, harmony, etc.

Meredith referring an article about communists promoting disharmony in art. I have noticed examples of this but I still do not believe that communal living or sharing creates ugliness. Ugly art is an expression of mind out of balance or mind searching for the answers to questions, Who am I? Why am I? What am I? When I move my ego out of the way I then use my little "mind" as a tool, just as I use the computer as a tool, to bridge between "God" and mankind. That's not just my mission but the mission of each and every one of us. We honor it by doing it.


Ascension, Ascension Secrets

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Interesting post!

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