India - A Tryst with Destiny

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India is complete in itself..we have everything power,an abundance of Natural resources, plentiful rains, deserts, some of the largest rivers, oil resources, mineral wealth and a highly educated population...

Poised for a major economic growth...

After having gone through many articles written by Indians, I realised that , Indians seem to think the world of their country and tend to over look everything else, whereas foreigne tourists and travelers seem to think otherwise.......I frankly don't blame them,because most travel brochures and their Indian friends give a glorious account of their country..but when they land here ALAS !!!!!

Please don't take me as yet another India basher, that too being an Indian, far from it. I love my country no matter what it is but I am a realist, I have no blinkers on.I grumble and curse about the mad system that is prevailing here, the mismanagement, bad roads,...The corrupt Politicians to begin with, most of them look after their personal interests and how their position benefits them ! So with that begins all else..

We have a huge population problem? but China has it too and look how they have turned it to their advantage, so may be what India needs a Communist Government ? or better still Dictatorship ?

Most Politicians and Bureaucrats come up with the same lame excuse when questioned about various disfunctions...."WE are recovering after the British rule, rebuilding the nation from scratch. and it takes time...."

To me this is the worst kind of an argument because from what I have read and perceived from various sources, when the British rulers left, they left behind them many positive things - namely A good system of Transportation , where most major cities were connected through Roads. Train tracks were laid connecting all major cities and Air ports constructed and put in place in most major cities(No doubt they did it for their own benefit while they ruled here, as they needed those for transporting goods from various parts of India to finally ship it to Britain) which was hugely beneficial, we could work within that frame work and develop it further....

Secondly they gave us a good system of education for which we have to be eternally thankful.....

Finally and most importantly they did 2 things at the same time, they United and divided India .....India was initially spread all over the south east Asian regions , fragmented into several kingdoms, tribes and villages. There was constant struggle for power between these umpteen rulers and the tribals , which made British realise that they needed to unite India to make it easier for them to rule it successfully and efficiently . So they set about doing it , and India as a nation has remained united to this day.....

At the same time during the freedom struggle and at the time of attaining freedom,Circumstances led India to be divided into 2 countries India and Pakistan, and to this day there is unrest because of this one major step taken by the British rulers , which could have been prevented..

That is the past history of India. But when the Britishers left it was with a bond of friendship,Trade understanding , free flow of people across the country etc;and we continued benefiting from all that.So the BIG question is where did we go wrong?

The Biggest stumbling block to India has been the Misrule by the various leaders who were elected to rule the country in the initial years after Independence in 1947 , mainly the Nehru Family members who were power hungry and never really did much to take the country further. They and the Congress party became instrumental in spreading corruption in the system, which continues to this day. We still have the family members in the political system practicing the same brand of corruption practiced by their forefathers.

India is complete in itself. We have everything power,an abundance of Natural resources, plentiful rains, deserts, some of the largest rivers, oil resources, mineral wealth and a highly educated population. But the problem lies with the system not tapping these resources fully and utilising them in the right manner.

We have Mega cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkotta, Bengaluru, Chennai .But most of these cities have no proper infra structure, for which one can only blame the concerned authorities.
We have some of the most ancient and world renowned tourist spots, which are neglected with little or no facilities provided until a few years ago .There was no tourism authority in most states, it is only now in the past decade with the advent of the net and globalisation that tourism has gained some importance, so things are looking up...

At the same time Indians are contributing in a big way in most foreign countries especially in the Technological and Medical fields ..
Right now , inspite of the prevailing corruption, constant terrorist activity and many other problems that India faces, it is still poised for a major growth, this is mainly because of the media playing a major role in voicing peoples concerns and bringing issues to the forefront, the politicians are slowly becoming answerable.

So there is hope.There are many economists and Global experts predicting a sustained growth rate which will culminate in 2025, when India becomes worlds number one nation, but now, as things stand today we can only blink!. Yet at the same time there is no harm in hoping...Aiming for Mount everest one can at least climb the Foot hills....


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