India - on the edge of social upheaval

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Opinion piece on the need for social freedom in India

Hypocrisy of Indian Society

India is a country of diversity, not just in culture, society or languages but also in moral values or standards. The social and moral open mindedness of medieval India has slowly been replaced by a prudish narrow mindedness which does not bode well for a country waiting on the verge of greatness, not just as an economic superpower, but also as a rational open minded society. We today have, moral and religious police wreaking havoc on people coming out of pubs or couples celebrating Valentine’s Day. These are the same people who claim to belong to a religion which boasts of the first treatise on carnal expertise, which created cave sculpture celebrating carnal pleasure, but strangely in the 21st century, a similar thought in the younger generation is considered sin! It is polite to term this anomaly as diversity; it is actually hypocrisy of the highest order. Where are these people when brutal rapes are committed? When sisters and daughters are slaughtered in the name of family honor (sic)??
In India today, prostitution and gambling is not only socially frowned upon, it is legally banned too. Mind you, I am not attempting to morally justify either act, but my contention is banning them has not stopped or reduced anything. Both trades flourish in all cities of India, only under cover! Betting in sports to playing cards on Diwali are rampant, so are the Red Light areas in every city of India active in full knowledge of the powers that be. While all this banning does is create black money avenues and rampant corruption. Legalize them, earn revenues through income tax and offer proper health facilities to the sex workers, who are at huge risk from STD’s and HIV. The big question is, what is the gain out of banning these trades? They are flourishing anyway!
The battle of Mahabharata has its roots in an act of Gambling, and it was not a banned act that the royal brothers were indulging in, prostitution was not banned in medieval India though there was no moral sanction for it, it was left as a matter of choice. This is exactly how it should be, a matter of choice. Cigarettes and Alcohol are not banned, it is left as a matter of personal choice. Certain states of India, have prohibition in place, you will be able to get alcohol in all of them, only at a premium. While other states earn a significant part of their revenues from excise and sales taxes on alcohol, the states with prohibition end up filling the pockets of bootleggers with unaccounted money! It is policies such as these which look like fools! We now have censorship on movies, TV shows, books, magazines and now even on Youtube videos! Why not exercise the right to choose what I or my children watch? The failure of society and administration to monitor what our children are exposed to and the responsibility of censuring is now being passed on to the creator of content. This dichotomy in policy versus moral standards has to end, and end soon.
It is time, for India to set standards not only in industry and trade, but also in social innovation and independence of thought and expression. Until and unless social freedom is achieved, economic supremacy will remain a paper dream. The new government at the ruling center in India would do well to recognize the opportunity to revolutionize society in the country which would eventually lead to economic excellence and a country achieves greatness not only by having a celebrated democracy but also by not throttling its creative powers but by giving wings to freedom of thought and expression. Remove the shackles, give India true Independence from stifling socialistic censorship, celebrate freedom!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
15th Feb 2015 (#)

Thought provoking, AniM. Whether we are under democracy or autocracy the will of the majority gets subjugated as the vociferous few carry the day. The vast majority are busy with their own lives and want to be left alone.

Fanatics of any ilk are the same - intolerant of other views. The young have to take charge as the old are set in their ways. For India the past was glorious, the future will be ditto, but why the present is chaos ? Let us live the present and make things better - siva

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