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It is alarming the degree of indiscipline that is in the society


It is quite obvious that in the world there is a problem
And it has to do with the lack of both respect and discipline
One can see the gross deficiency right there in the home environment
So we all know from there it will spread way beyond this bank

Another observation that this too has enveloped the schools
And those in authority seem to looking like they are mere tools
There has been that severing of ties those two had in the past
Because this force has have the two institutions in a stand off

Who could remember those days when one has to go to the court house?
The formality had the air so heavy as being in there one had to as quiet as a mouse
And the person who was the accused was so scared and felt ill at ease
In some cases overcome by fear will be sweating and trembling at the knees

Now today people will feign all illness or will cocotte any type of story
If there received any notification that they will be a member of any jury
Because they will be marked and being a member of the society
Can be subjected to threats and this can extend to members of the family

There is great concern as this is spreading rapidly throughout the society
And like cancer it is metastasizing and taking over strata quite quickly
Those experts are still taking and trying to extrapolate the reason
But this system is really demanding some very serious and urgent attention

Even thought they were indication excuses allow it to permeate
As those in authority hoping for fame sat around and hesitated
Isn’t is a concern when even the little one show defiance and aggression
If to their doings someone advance what to them is perceived as criticism

There are situation when a child may come home and run to its room tearfully
On investigating will report that they had a to endure some time with the school’s bully
This sort of behavior seems to be what is becoming so visible on the horizon
Therefore it is very necessary that there should be some very decisive action


Bullying, Excuses, Fear, Relax, Tardy

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author avatar wonder
19th Jul 2013 (#)

It is exasperating for the authorities with juvenile energies running the wrong direction.

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
20th Jul 2013 (#)

Yes certainly being sourced in the wrong direction

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