Infantual Days

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Oh the old days of being an infant. where have they gone? Into the past, thats where

Infantual joys

Well, here I am, in life, no going back now.

My mom introduces me to stationary and paper. I draw a lot. In fact, I draw on the walls in the halway. So nice to draw a stripe from one end of the hallway wall to the other. I get a hiding for it. People here just don't appreciate my art.

One time I draw on a doorway. Such a funny story about a rabbit, but see it's funny because I draw it silly and it's like a story that starts on one part of the doorway and moves about to another. This I gotta share with my mother! Come see my story I drew!

She comes and she walks to where my drawing book is on the floor. No, not there I tell her. I show her my delightful story on the doorway. But only I am impressed. She doesn't think my Picasso on the doorway is agreeable. Slowly but surely her tone changes to some very strict anger.

Oh dear. I'm never appreciated as an artist around here :)

Then, I see a comic strip. My mother tells me every block is the next part of the story. I can do that!

I start drawing my comic strip. Then I want to show mother. But I myself have forgotten the order and have to retrace and go "oh wait, first this happens...". She then shows me how it's supposed to work: Start with the very left block, and then have them follow each other to the right, then the next row. Oh right. I do that from now on.

And then follows many more comic strips. I love drawing comic strips. I get addicted to animation on TV. My family shows me how to use the National VCR. I tape each and everything animation. Everybody is always angry at me because I "take all the casettes".

My father takes me to a shop and buys me my very own video casette that's just for me. But soon it's full. "Tape over it!" they tell me. What???? Tape over it? Never! What was the point of collecting this collection of fantastic shows in the first place then? Besides, I love it too much. I tell everybody I have taped such a long collection by now, it's "as long as the church is". (I thought church services were almost eternal because they felt like they could never end soon enough.)

There's something weird though about some animation shows. My family tells me it's because it's in a language called English. I don't like English. It sounds stupid and weird and unknown. I never want to speak English, that I know. Plus, who wants to speak English anyway? Just listen to the programs in English; who can actually understand that? Almost no-one. But I'll tape the shows anyway because who doesn't like Maya the bee? It's animation so yeah gotta love it.

One day my eldest brother tells me they do these "drawn shows" by drawing a little picture in one position and then drawing the picture in a different position and then drawing the picture again a little different until they can show all the pictures in a row and they seem to move. I wanna do that too.

But for now, all I have to tell drawn stories is the comic strip method. My mother has started a cabinet wherein she places all the papers she doesn't use anymore but are blank on their backs, so I can get me some paper from there for she knows if I have no paper, I'll draw on something.

Doesn't take long before I've used up all the thousands of papers. Then she shows me I don't have to draw just a little figure at the bottom of every page; I can divide a page and draw a lot more on the open spaces. Right. So it shall be.

Drawing is fun but I need to make an animation that shows on a TV. Then, I get my break...


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