Inferiority Complex

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Inferiority compex can be described as innate or subconcious feelings of lack of self worth, self belief, lack of confidence and doubt in ones abilities.
These feelings and thoughts of one feeling not being enough is caused by different factors, both real and imagined.

Fear, anger, hate

People with inferiority complex are usually controlled by fear, anger, hate, bottled up thoughts and emotions which are all negative traits. This can all lead to people carrying out and/or being unable and unwilling to resist unacceptable acts and outrightly ugly deeds.

Upbringing, hostile environment, childhood experiences, abuse in any form, neglect are among factors which have been proven to make develop and increase these negative feelings of not being good enough.

Family differences, problems and controversies which are not handled and resolved properly can affect the way, people from that home behave and contribute to the how both the adults and children develop their attitudes and treat other people.

Some signs of inferiority complex

Signs of inferiority complex vary depending on the individual and situations. Some signs may include, an individual always seeking the apporoval of others before doing anything i.e making decisions, unwarranted display of jealousy, over sensitivity and over reactions to other people's opinions, comments etc.

The refusal to accept the growth and progress of others, this can happen in personal relationships. Bullying others may be an outward sign of the bully having a low complex.

Help through professional counselling and the support of a network of family and friends can help people who experience and display these traits, overcome them.
If you know anyone with a chip on the shoulder's it may or may not be through any fault of theirs, and you can help by respectfully encouraging them to realise and accept that they are special and unique individuals.


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author avatar vickylass
30th Aug 2014 (#)

A lot to think on the issue, friend. I know how it feels as I once felt more or less like the way you well tell because of the fact that I couldn't attend college at an early age and on the other hand most of my friends were either university students or big mouths always ready to have their say against others. It sometimes has something to do with whom one relates or one's background as I don't think anyone wants to feel inferior for the sake of it. Good article!

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author avatar WOGIAM
1st Sep 2014 (#)

Thank you for your comments vickylass, I agree that this complex is caused by so many reasons and they differ from individual to individual.

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author avatar Helen Thomas
8th Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks for a well written, thought provoking article on inferiority complexes ~ WOGIAM. Upon reading this I was reminded of a recent incident in my city where a young man went to the daycare where his estranged wife was employed. He shot and fatally wounded her; then returned to their home and committed suicide in front of relatives and several law enforcement officials. Now two small children have neither mother nor father.

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